10 Things You Didn’t Know About Garret Miller

Garrett Miller

Reality TV shows are decorating various channel’s programming and take the concept of entertainment to a whole new level. Among the shows that are making the reality TV genre top the list of favorites for many viewers is MTV’s Siesta Key. According to MTV’s official site, the show focuses on the lives of young friends from Siesta Key Island in Florida. It looks at their relationships, heartbreaks, friendships, and many more. The third season is on its way and among the most dashing characters of the show since its airing is Garrett Miller. Watching him in the show will generate some interest courtesy of his persona. If you want to know more about him, stick on as we go through ten things to know about him.

1. Early Life

Garrett Miller is a Florida native having been born and bred in Sarasota. He prides himself as a summer baby as he was born in the summer of 1995, the 10th of July, to be precise. Not much information is available about his family, but it is evident that he is close to his dad, whom he terms as his number one fan. He also has a brother named Tanner, who he grew up alongside.

2. His Love For Cologne

Watching him on Siesta Key, you get the idea that Garrett loves the finer things in life, which is evident the way he carries himself. One fact about him that you may not know is his adoration of a beautiful body scent. He hardly leaves the house without his favorite cologne, Hollister. He claims to have had his first experience with the body essence when he was only eleven years old. Though it fell and shattered, it was a case of love at first scent, and he always stocks it in his wardrobe.

3. His Love For Working Out

Garrett loves his body and ensures that it is always in its best form. It is evident from his well-built body, which is evidence of a strict body work out plan. His plan towards a fit physique also touches on the diet aspect where he watches what he eats to get the perfect buff body. Most of the time, you will catch him without a shirt on to show off his abs. It is a show of pride in the efforts he puts in.

4. His Professional Career

Aside from being a star on Siesta Key, Garrett Miller is also a fitness trainer. His stint as a fitness trainer stems from his love for body workouts, aiming towards a desirable body physique. Taking on the tag of a self-made entrepreneur, he claims that he started the journey early by recording himself training. He also helped clients with their exercising plans and worked his way up to the pro he is. You can check out his website for work out plans and reviews that can help you go if you desire a fabulous physique.

5. Humor Is His Cup Of Tea

Nothing ties the room together like a session punctuated with humor, and Garrett is not ashamed to admit that he loves a laugh-filled moment. He loves joking, and most of the time, he is the source of laughter in the group. If you take a look at his picture, you will hardly notice one without a smile. He takes his love for humor a notch higher by preferring the blooper parts in movies. It seems you cannot afford a gloomy moment when around this reality TV star.

6. Relationships

Many ladies look at Miller as a sex symbol courtesy of his smooth looks and impressive physique. The lady fan-base wants to know his relationship status. According to WikiBio, he is currently in a relationship. The lucky lady is none other than Juliette Porter. Previously, he dated his co-star from Siesta Key, Kelsey Owens. It seems the relationship did not work out as he got dumped in the show’s last season for a fellow cast member.

7. Social Media Presence

Garrett is active on social media, and you can catch him on some of the popular platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. It seems he prefers Instagram more where he has a decent following of 301k. Presently, he has over 300 posts, and most are about his hobbies with his workout stint being a common theme. On Twitter, he has 51.6k followers, and he constantly tweets having hashtags dedicated to his show, Siesta Key.

8. Pastime Activities

Aside from working out, Garrett is also an avid pool player. He claims it helps keep him warm during winters as he bonds with his friends. He is also good at baseball, a sport he played since he was young under his father’s tutelage. The sessions with his father on the field strengthened their relationship, and Miller is appreciative of the support he got from his dad.

9. His Net Worth

A star’s net worth indicates the hard work that he puts in his or her engagements. Garrett’s asset-base currently stands at $500k, which is a great value when you consider how young he is. Aside from his appearances in Siesta Key, his work as a fitness trainer is also a huge contributor to his fantastic net worth.

10. He Has A Pet Dog

Another amazing thing that Garrett pride himself in is the puppy that he adopted in 2016. It is a mix between a Labrador and a boxer, and the fitness guru loves it to the point of considering himself a father. He posts pictures of the dog, and it seems it meets the tag of being man’s best friend.


Siesta Key is an excellent show on MTV featuring a dose of fantastic drama that will have you on an impatient wait for succeeding seasons. Garrett Miller is one of the show’s stars, visible by his impressive body physique. Above are some of the lesser-known details about this actor and fitness trainer. You can catch more of him on the third season of Siesta Key or follow him on his social media handles.

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