Game of Silence Review: The Real Fight

Game of Silence

It’s been two weeks since Game of Silence went on a small hiatus, not long after the show was cancelled. It’s too bad, because this week’s special two-hour episode was a sight to see. In the weeks following Boots’s murder, Shawn, Gil and Jackson have spent the majority of their time scheming against their childhood tormentor in secret. Now they are finally ready to take the fight into the light.

We pick up where we left off, the aftermath of Marina’s attack. Jackson is plagued with equal parts guilt and rage. Everyone but Marina knows why she was really attacked. The friends go on the offensive. They decide to find a way to break Ray Carroll and finding all his secrets. Marina is safe in the hospital, and Annie and Baby Boots are whisked away to stay with Gil and Jessie. Jackson comes unhinged in a confrontation with Diana. This doesn’t help Marina’s stress level, especially once she finds out that’s she’s pregnant, and pretty far along as well. She ends things with Jackson, which pushes him even further over the edge in a very public confrontation with Terry.

We get a few flashbacks in this two-hour block. Particularly we get to see how Gil and Jessie got together. This is crucial to see given how close Jackson and Jessie came to rekindling their past, and because Jessie and Gil break into Carroll’s safe under the guise of Jessie helping plan Carroll’s campaign party. Gil steals the evidence he needs, but no victim wants to come face to face with disturbing pictures of the worst experience of their life.

Carroll is furious that Terry disobeyed his orders, but Terry is done being under Carroll’s thumb. Without Carroll, Terry sees an opportunity to expand his business without shackles. It puts his brother in a terrible position. Not only does he have to risk his clean life, Terry’s daughter figures out that her father isn’t who she thought he was. Terry is in for a surprise when he goes for a meeting with the cartel and finds Diana instead. She offers Terry the sweetest deal of his despicable career.

Terry decides he is going to deal with the Quitman boys his own way. Step 1 is pointing Liz, the detective in his pocket, in Jackson’s direction. She investigates him for both Red Tyson and Bobby Marx’s disappearances, and ends up finding Bobby’s body.

Amy the nurse decided to investigate the Quitman boys’ disappearances on her own after talking to Shawn. Unfortunately Ray Carroll gets to her before she can reveal what she found, and this time he gets his own hands dirty. By the time Shawn gets to her Carroll has made it look like a suicide.

And that’s just the first hour.

Even though they have some evidence against Carroll, Gil, Jessie, Jackson and Shawn don’t have anything concrete. Shawn is impatient after losing Amy, Jackson is reeling after losing Marina, and Gil is plagued with the memories of Carroll. Annie tries to help Shawn heal by taking him to church, which only exacerbates his anger since once there he finds out Annie’s grief counselor is none other than Dennis, his old friend from Cell Block E. Shawn isn’t Dennis’s only problem. His niece is onto the fact that drug dealing runs in her family, but she thinks it is Dennis, not her father Terry who is dealing.

Diana is becoming increasingly, dangerously close to Marina. Diana pretends to be hesitant to hire Marina’s firm after Jackson’s outburst, which drives Marina to question how fit Jackson is to stay. Out of this comes flashbacks to the beginning of Jackson and Marina’s relationship. Jessie can’t take that Marina thinks the worst of Jackson, so she tells her the truth about Quitman. Marina is finally able to reconnect with Jackson now that she knows the truth. Hopefully these two can pull it together.

Liz gets closer to the truth now that two of Carroll’s former employees have been found dead. She confronts both Carroll and Gil, which makes Jackson extremely angry. Jackson is concerned that Liz knows details about their past she couldn’t have possibly learned without being tipped off. Surprisingly it is Jackson’s fingerprints she finds as evidence, not Gil’s. Jackson now knows he is being set up, so he figures out that Liz is under Terry’s thumb.

Gil is convinced that since the police are already onto him, he should take Carroll out in a blaze of glory so that his friends can’t be charged as co-conspirators. Gil is stalwart in his decision. Luckily Jackson and Shawn find him in time with the promise of a sure lead. That lead is none other than Jessie. Jessie pulls her weight by blackmailing one of the people Carroll was blackmailing. This leads them to find land owned by Diana, outsourced by Ray as a mass grave. 25 years later, they finally have proof.

Anyone else upset about Game of Silence‘s cancellation after this epic two-hour block?

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