The Game 4.12 “Death Becomes Her” Review

The Game 4.12 “Death Becomes Her” Review

The penultimate episode of The Game’s fourth season featured themes of life, death, and renewal. In short, change is in the air for the Sabers and Sunbeams, but is it really going to be a good thing or a further ire for fans?

Melanie is gung ho on getting this baby by Derwin, but despite Tasha Mack’s (and the audiences) initial inkling to why this is so, I seriously believe Melanie simply wants to start working on getting her family started. Nothing more, nothing less. She has nothing else besides Derwin’s career, which includes Sunbeams business, so it would make sense for her to want something else out of the relationship since she sacrificd her own career to do so. It’s here that we see a smidge of old-school Melanie shining through and boy do we miss her. The fusion of Kelly Pitts’s personality has not made her too likeable this season, but hopefully the baby (if one comes) changes all that.

Mel’s better half also has his legacy on his mind 24/7, but has it gotten to the point that he’s willing to play chess with the lives of his teammates to get what he wants? If so, then maybe Derwin is looking at things the wrong way. What would his grandmother think of his newfound ways?

Speaking of Malik, the man can’t win. As soon as he finds happiness, Parker self-destructs and leaves an aftermath that even FEMA probably couldn’t attempt to save. However, Malik’s hothead is still a factor that needs to be doused before it can bring further harm to his own legacy. Instead, he needs to use his head and see that what Sabers owner Roger Keith is playing at. I’m not an expert at the behind the scenes drama of a football team, but it seems to me that Roger is shooting himself in the foot a damaged female. To me, the old phrase”Money Talks, B.S. Walks” should be called into play here, which is what I think Malik could use as leverage in this whole debacle. Time to call Tasha Mack to the rescue!

But will she be available? After her few days with the terminall ill Bo, Tasha adopted a whole new outlook on life that was kind of a refreshing take on the character than what we have seen all season. Like her son, it’s like Tasha can’t get a break though as it seems that either Bo took a turn for the worse or just moved on to the next woman to buy his scheme. I’m betting on the former due to my belief that no man will go through all that trouble for a one night stand, but that’s besides the point. Tasha is also like her son in the sense of firing off before thinking and thinking that their untouchable, which is the main problem with Tasha and her relationships. It would’ve been nice to see how much of an impact Bo could’ve made in Tasha’s life, but the writers didn’t think it was worth persuing it seems. I would’ve liked for them to handle to wrap a bit more coherently though. Just an opinion.

Next week’s finale looks as if it will introduce another game changer, but the promos have been a bit misleading so anything is possible. Now I would be surprised if Trey Wiggs is brought on to the Saber line up, which could be a huge ass monkey wrench in Derwin and Melanie’s happiness.

What did you guys think? One episode left before off season begins!


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