Invincible Proves That We Need More Image Comics Adaptations

Invincible Proves That We Need More Image Comics Adaptations

Invincible Proves That We Need More Image Comics Adaptations

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, I highly suggest that you check out the Invincible show. Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the comic before I checked out the show. However, I was aware of the character and the story behind him is very intriguing. Just think of him as a fusion of Spider-Man and Superman. His real name is Mark Grayson, a seventeen-year-old teenager living with his mom and dad. His life is pretty similar to your average seventeen-year-old: he goes to high school, has some good friends, works a minimum wage job, and wants to go out on dates.

However, what separates him from the other kids is that his father, Nolan Grayson, is the most powerful superhero on the planet. His father, in his civilian identity, is a travel writer and author, who has made a good fortune off his books. In his superhero persona, he is known as Omni-Man, and he’s basically Superman, but with a killer mustache. Hey, everyone looks cooler with a mustache.

Mark Grayson’s mother, Deborah, is a realtor and is completely aware of Nolan’s life as Omni-Man. In fact, so is Mark, and Nolan’s powers actually passed on down to him. Mark’s powers activated when he turned seventeen and in that moment, Invincible was born. That’s just the beginning of the story of Invincible and it gets even better. Where he lives, it’s a whole other superhero universe filled with very many colorful and exotic characters. If you like Marvel or DC stuff, I think you’ll enjoy watching the Invincible show. I won’t go any further into the story, but the success of this show really has me thinking.

Invincible belongs to Image Comics. One of the many popular writers of Image Comics is Robert Kirkman, the creator and chief writer of the Invincible series. Oh, and he also did the same with another popular comic series called The Walking Dead. Yeah, pretty much everyone and their mother knows that by now. Now that the Invincible show is killing it on Amazon Prime, hopefully the series will reach the same popularity level as The Walking Dead. I must say, the show really won me over and I have to catch up on the comics.

I bring all of this up because the success of Invincible proves to me that there can be more adaptations from the works of Image Comics. You want a good example that has already happened? Just look back at 1997 and check out the Spawn movie starring Michael Jai White. It sadly didn’t get the best reception, but I personally thought it was awesome. The film itself was a big stepping stone for comic book movies, as it was the first movie that featured an African American actor playing a big comic book superhero. Move over Black Panther, because you really don’t want to mess with Spawn. He’s probably the coolest character that belongs to Image Comics, created by the very awesome Todd McFarlane.

Speaking of shows, Spawn himself had a not-so kid-friendly cartoon that ran from 1997 to 1999. Seriously, it’s probably one of the most inappropriate cartoons that ever aired. But if you know Spawn, you’ll know that he’s not supposed to be okay for the kids. He’s a violent agent of vengeance and a hellspawn (hence the name), who punishes evil however he can. In other words, if you’re a bad guy, he’ll most definitely kill you. Just in case you’re thinking if Spawn belongs in the same universe as Invincible, just see what he does when he goes berserk.

The Spawn cartoon was a winner of two Emmys and two Golden Reel Awards, but despite that, it was very short-lived. You ask me, the series left on a very big cliffhanger. Spawn never got to go back to hell and destroy the demons who tried to enslave him. Now that would’ve made for a very awesome final season. Sadly, it didn’t happen, but then again, never say never. After what we’re seeing with Invincible, I wouldn’t rule out the return of the Spawn show. But then again, I also wouldn’t mind the beginning of a new Spawn show. For the record, I hope that movie with Jamie Foxx is still happening. We can use another live-action Spawn movie with modern special effects.

The thing about Image Comics is that they have way more awesome characters under their wing. With The Walking Dead ending and Invincible taking off, I think there is more room for the other characters from Image Comics to have their own shows. I think the best route is simply more animated shows. With animation, there’s more freedom and things can get bloody. Invincible may not be on the same violence level as Spawn, but believe me, it’s not exactly something your kid should be watching. When Invincible isn’t cracking jokes like Spider-Man, all the other characters, especially the villains, are spilling buckets of blood. Heck Spawn would fit in rather well in his world.

Spawn is Image Comics’ coolest character (in my opinion), but they can give the spotlight to some of its lesser-known characters. For the next animated show, I think the best character they can work with is Savage Dragon. He’s a very buff and very green-skinned humanoid police officer with a fin on his head. He works for the Chicago Police Department, battling the superfreaks with his super-strength, his advanced healing factor, and his very big guns. He’s just cool to look at and he’ll be even cooler to see in an animated show.

But why stop there? Image Comics has some superhero teams that can carry their own shows. Their best team would have to be Youngblood. It’s a truly diverse team with some colorful members. An animated Youngblood show would have the same vibes as the Invincible show. The best example would be Badrock. He’s a sixteen-year-old kid in the body of a large rock man. Think of him as The Thing merged with Spider-Man. Come on, tell me that doesn’t get you excited.

So what are your thoughts? Again, check out Invincible on Amazon Prime. Once you do, you’ll be on board for more Image Comics shows. Now, it’s time for me to check out the comic.

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