Galaxy Quest Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Galaxy Quest Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Do you get the feeling that the cast of Galaxy Quest might have been laughing for a good portion of the time that they were supposed to be filming? There are a lot of people that probably roll their eyes at this movie but still love it since it’s hard to not at least like it after watching it once. Those that have watched it more than once could tell you that at some point it becomes addictive given that it is a Star Trek spoof of sorts but it’s still its own movie and deserves a good amount of respect since it encapsulates the nature of the original show and even goes so far as to showcase the lives of the actors once the show is over and they get to interact with their fans. This movie does make you wonder just how those that were a part of Star Trek for so long actually dealt with people when they were off set and how they felt about the show after so long. It would be kind of naive to think that there weren’t any issues between the cast members for so long, especially given that the attitudes of that day and age were so much different than they are now.

But creating a story in which faded actors from a loved TV show had to suddenly take on a very real challenge that would force them to relive the show was genius. It wasn’t bound to be a blockbuster or even a smash hit that would be remembered by millions, but all the same Galaxy Quest was a fun movie that kind of poked fun at Star Trek in a big way and still managed to pay homage to it in a few ways since in various scenes it was like watching a carbon copy, if someone was shaking it madly from side to side that is while attempting to copy it. Each character had a great role since it fit them so well and the movie itself was amusing since the pacing was well done and the story was thought out just well enough to make it entertaining and intriguing. Tony Shalhoub’s character was great since he remained so chill throughout most of the movie, as though he didn’t have a care in the world and was just moving through the scene at his own pace. Sam Rockwell was just as perfect since he was the odd man out, the cast member that was supposed to die on the away missions since no one knew his last name. Katie Marzullo of Young Hollywood has more to say about the movie.

Sigourney Weaver was great for more than her appearance, but as a guy, yes that was nice. She and Tim Allen were great additions since she played the frustrated character that was taken for granted due to her sex appeal while Tim Allen was the egotistical captain that had to finally learn a lesson on how to work with his team and sacrifice to keep them safe. Alan Rickman was the overworked and stressed out actor that was constantly in the shadow of Allen’s character, making life even more frustrating as he was supposedly a trained and professional stage actor that had been drawn into a science fiction role he could no longer stand. Daryl Mitchell, aka Tommy, almost felt like the guy that was there for a good purpose but didn’t get enough attention which is funny since that’s the way Chekov and Sulu felt like for the longest time. But he does come through as a character just as the rest of them do and he does provide a good deal of comic relief. As for the Thermians, did anyone recognize Missi Pyle and Rainn Wilson? There were a lot of big names in this movie and it’s a good bet that people didn’t notice quite as much since they might have been focusing on the biggest names and possibly the few gaffes that occurred during editing since anyone that watched it could tell that Sigourney Weaver said something entirely different than what it sounds like when and Tim were being led through the innards of the ship. Max Eddy of The Mary Sue has more to say on this. All in all though this was a fun and very interesting movie since it didn’t just go through the idea of what the cast might think about the show they starred in, it also took in the fans a bit since Justin Long and his companions had a serious reality check laid on them early in the movie only to be told later on that it was all real.

How vindicated do you think that hardcore fans would be if they found out that their favorite show was based on reality? Of course then you think about the possibility of alien life forms and if they did come to earth and that proposition is a little unnerving, largely because we might appear rather primitive to them.

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