Gal Gadot Helps Young Wonder Woman Fan With Fundraising Goals

Gal Gadot Helps Young Wonder Woman Fan With Fundraising Goals

It’s always considered special when a Hollywood star reaches out to a fan, particularly when that fan is fighting in a manner to simply exist and thrive as much as she can each and every day. Carmella Chillery-Watson, a young girl born with muscular dystrophy, has been walking several kilometers a day in an attempt to raise money and awareness for the condition and has been doing a rather awesome job of it for some time now. As it’s pointed out in the video her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, which is special in and of itself since the wonder that Carmilla has inspired in others has been quite great as, according to her mother, she’s been tackling her goal each and every day without complaint and has been making steady progress while inspiring others and gaining the attention of actress Gal Gadot. In return, Gadot has donated to the cause for further research into congenital muscular dystrophy, which gradually weakens the skeletal muscles of those affected, leading to great difficulties for those that are affected to move their limbs for even the slightest task. As an inspiration to the cause, Gadot managed to give generously and has praised Carmilla in a big way when it comes to her efforts and her continued strength to carry on and reach her goal.

The more cynical among us will likely state that Gadot and many others contribute in this manner to show the public a face that they want to see, meaning that they’ll gladly show people they care when it does something for their career and their character. But the truth is that a lot of the people that do support individuals and worthy causes in this manner do so because they do happen to care about what happens to others, no matter if people can see this or not. Of course, in some cases, it’s bound to be publicized in order to make celebrities look better and give them a reputation that many people appreciate and can get behind, but there are many celebrities that give to good causes and don’t bother to publicize it or build their reputation off of it. In other words, celebrities aren’t all glory-hounds that are out to prove to people that they can be nice from time to time, and many of them do happen to care what happens to people either because they’ve dealt with the conditions and diseases that they support in their own lives or with friends or family, or because they simply believe in helping their fellow human beings. Gal Gadot’s contribution is definitely valued since not only is she making one girl’s heart swell with happiness, but she’s proving very effectively that her Wonder Woman status doesn’t necessarily end when the cameras stop rolling.

It takes an incredible amount of effort to care for others, particularly when they aren’t your family, friends, and weren’t known to you only a short time before. But there are plenty of people in this world that can do this since they have a very strong sense of empathy and aren’t always bound by the idea of survival of the fittest or the ennui that prevents so many people from caring about anyone that isn’t within their sphere of influence. The fact that celebrities that make millions upon millions of dollars are willing to share their wealth in order to help better humanity in some way through research and study of various diseases and debilitating conditions does manage to give people hope that they can hold onto and a sense that no matter how far apart the average person is from those that have claimed celebrity status, there is still a way to connect and to ensure that those in the higher echelons of society are made aware of how important it is to care for others. One very important fact to remember is that not every celebrity was born to the life they now lead, as many of them had to work, scrape, claw, and fight their way to their current position. Many celebrities still remember what it’s like to live with hardships and as a result are far more empathetic to the average individual. In this instance, it’s obvious that Gal can look beyond her own status and value the strength that the everyday human being possesses and has been impressed by someone that many people might look at in pity. There’s no pity to be had for Carmilla, and it’s likely that she wouldn’t expect it since she presents herself as the type of young lady that is bound and determined to reach her goal, and there’s very little that will stop her.

This kind of story is nothing short of inspiring since it reminds us that the only thing holding us back from what we want is us and that celebrities, no matter how far above us some think they are, still have the capacity to care for their fellow human beings.

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