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The Goldbergs is helping 30-somethings everywhere relive some of their favorite childhood memories. The comedy, which is currently in its second season, is loosely based on events that have happened to series creator Adam Goldberg during his childhood in the 1980’s. The sitcom never mentions an exact date an episode will take place, but viewers are aware it is all taking place in the decade that brought us Full House, The Golden Girls, and Growing Pains. Many classic movies, songs, and the like have been featured on the series and we at TV Overmind want to share a few of those with you. So here is our list of some of the stuff of the 80’s we have seen so far on The Goldbergs. Since the sitcom is so young, expect many more 80’s memorabilia to pop up in the seasons to come.

The Return of the Jedi from Episode 1.22 “A Wrestler Called Goldberg”

The Return of the Jedi hit theaters in May of 1983. This episode of The Goldbergs aired almost 21 years later. Adam has been a fan of the Star Wars franchise and he will watch the movies with his older sister Erica. He wants her to take him to the movie the day it is released in theaters. Erica thinks her friends will make fun of her for going to see the sci-fi flick so she ditches Adam to go hang out with them instead. In the end, Adam is able to watch the movie. This episode debuted on May 6th, which is two days after the official Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you.

Trivial Pursuit from Episode 2.06 “Big Baby Ball”

Erica and Barry like to play board games together. Erica likes it because she knows that she can always beat her brother. Barry continues to play with her because he thinks sooner or later he will be able to win. The two end up playing many games from the 80’s including Girl Talk, Operation, and Mouse Trap. Then one day, Pops brings home a new game: Trivial Pursuit. Barry ends up memorizing many of the answers on the cards to try to fool Erica. Being the good sister she is, Erica starts asking him questions from Trivial Pursuit Junior to make it appear he is winning. The original Trivial Pursuit came out in 1982, while the Junior edition was released in 1985.

Nintendo’s Duck Hunt from Episode 2.07 “A Goldbergs Thanksgiving”

The holiday season means the appearance of relatives. This was the case for the second season Thanksgiving episode of The Goldbergs. Adam’s uncle has a surprise for him. It is the Nintendo Power Glove. This glove was released by the video game company in 1989 and was featured in the Nintendo produced film The Wizard that starred Fred Savage. The Nintendo Glove is quickly destroyed in the Goldberg home, so Adam is left to playing Nintendo the old way with boring controllers. He does however end up bonding with father Murray over a game of Duck Hunt. This video game required the use of the Zapper, which resembled a gun. Duck Hunt was released in North America in October of 1985.

Hypercolor T-Shirt from Episode 1.18 “For Your Own Good”

Upon further investigation, it appears the Hypercolor T-Shirts were not released until 1991, so the episode of The Goldbergs is not correct in its retelling of Adam Goldbergs experience wearing the shirt. A similar concept was used on the short lived comedy Survivng Jack that did take place in the 90’s. Either way, the shirt is pretty cool. Young Adam has a bully on the school bus, who makes fun of the shirt. Adam asks for Barry’s help. This causes Barry to become the new “boss” on the school bus, which irritates Adam even more. He and the bully work together to make sure Barry stops riding the bus, which he does.

Say Anything… from Episode 1.05 “The Ring”

Say Anything… was released on April 14, 1989. If the show was following a timeline, this would make most other events on the show inaccurate. For example, Adam wanting to go see Return of the Jedi happened months later on the show. In reality, Return of the Jedi came out six years earlier than Say Anything… Adam wants to woo his classmate Dana Caldwell. He decides to go over to her house at night with a big stereo and reenact the classic scene from the movie featuring John Cusack. The ploy works as Adam and Dana are still a couple on the second season of The Goldbergs.

Mix Tapes from Episode 2.01 “Love is a Mix Tape”

Mix tapes were became popular in the 80’s. Since the internet was not in households until the late 90’s, people would have to listen to the radio constantly in order to hear some of their favorite songs. In this episode, Erica watched MTV for hours before she hears her favorite The Bangals song. This was also when MTV still aired music videos. Adam ends up making a tape for girlfriend Dana Caldwell. Beverly ends up finding it and thinking it is for her. Adam does not want to break his mother’s heart by telling her it is for Dana. This results in a very embarrassing car ride home when Beverly begins to play the tape and sing along while Dana sits in the back with Adam.

Laser Tag from Episode 1.20 “You’re Not Invited”

It is Adam’s birthday and he wants to get his first kiss from Dana Caldwell. Barry decides the best way to do this is by throwing a party where no parents are allowed in the Goldbergs basement. Erica becomes aware of the situation and puts a stop to it. The party ends up becoming a success when the kids begin to play Laser Tag, which Murray got Adam as a birthday present. Milton Bradley began releasing Laser Tag in 1979 with the Star Trek electronic laser toys. Arena-based Laser Tag began in 1982.

What is your favorite thing from the 1980’s that has been featured on an episode of The Goldbergs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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