10 Things You Didn’t Know about Frankie Beverly

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Frankie Beverly

We live in a time when the old-timers in the music industry are still active and still kicking it the way they’ve done for years, but are now able to look back over a long career and see how many they’ve inspired along the way. Frankie Beverly might not be a name known to a lot of those growing up in this current generation, but for those that were born decades before the turn of the century he’s still a very popular name that’s been around for a good long time and hasn’t ever faded away. In fact it’s easy to say that he’s inspired a great number of people to pursue their own careers and do something positive in their communities as their music has been their expression to the world that allows them to show just how much they have to give. At his current age you might think that he would be ready for retirement but you’d be all too wrong. Frankie is still up on stage and doing his thing just like so many others that have refused to sit down and accept the golden years.

Here are a few things about Frankie you might not have known.

10. He started out singing gospel music when he was still very young.

Frankie was hooked on music from the start it seems and wasn’t the type to just let it go when he first latched onto the feeling that it gave him. Since he was a young boy he’s been singing and while his tune has changed over the years he’s still managed to be just as good now as he was then.

9. Eventually his group became an opening act to Marvin Gaye.

If that’s not enough of a ringing endorsement of a singer and his band then nothing else would be since being able to open for the legendary Marvin Gaye would have been a dream come true for a lot of people back in those days.

8. Frankie approved of how Beyonce performed his hit Before I Let Go.

According to Rob LeDonne from Billboard Frankie was quite flattered that Beyonce took his song and ran with it in her own way. He was blown away that she would do this and extremely happy to see that she put a bit of spark into it and made into something that was her own.

7. He’s been friends with Beyonce since she was a teenager.

That’s a long enough time to get to know someone and know what they’re like but it still seems that it was a surprise when Beyonce decided to take his song and run with it at Coachella. He’d been told what was going to happen and approved but seeing as how he’s known her for so long there had to be some hope that she would perform his song in a spectacular fashion.

6. Frankie is in his 70s now.

Like I said, some folks would likely be looking at retirement by now but thanks to the fact that he’s still upward and mobile it would seem that Frankie is able to do what he loves and keep doing it since he’s not bound to a chair yet or infirm in any way that might keep him from performing.

5. His son has been following in his father’s footsteps.

Frankie’s son actually became a drummer and has been touring with his father for a while. You can imagine that there’s a good amount of pride that Frankie has in his boy for deciding to take roughly the same path as he did when it comes to music.

4. He’s stated that he has a net worth of around $4 million.

This isn’t too hard to see since he’s still got a fan base and enough people that know who he is. It does seem that this is his estimate and not someone else’s so it’s hard to say if it’s entirely accurate or not, but it’s what we’ll go with for now.

3. Apparently he got his first gig at the age of 12.

Victor O. of Money Maven helps remind us that Frankie got his start early on with The Silhouettes, who if you’ll remember were famous for the song “Get A Job” that’s still remembered today. He’s been in the business a while obviously and has accomplished many things to date.

2. He started his own group when he was younger.

Frankie’s been a part of a band for a long time and started out when he was younger by forming his own group and then moving on when he felt the need since his first group didn’t last.

1. Maze, the name of his current group, was suggested by Marvin Gaye.

Basically if someone that’s popular and knows a bit about the music scene makes a suggestion you listen carefully and, if it makes sense, do as they say.

He’s still out there doing it and having a good time.

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