Four Young and the Restless Deaths That Still Haunt Us

Young and the Restless fans know death well. There have been many people come and go, and their deaths have caused chaos. We like the ones that seem the most upsetting, and we think that they touch us the most. We have our list of deaths that took the biggest toll on us, and we’d love to hear who you feel you miss the most in terms of death and destruction on this show. Some people just stick with you, and their exit is always sad.

Adam Newman

We are all just sad to see him gone. We have to share with you that he is the man we miss the most of all in this show, and we know that there is always a chance he might come back. Well, we hope there is a chance he might come back, but we also know that things don’t always work out that way for many of the people around here. He was killed by his own father and someone he trusted, but he as a villain. The thing about Adam Newman is that he is a villain in a way that makes us all love to hate him. He could be back. It really would not be the first time the character was killed off and then brought back, and there are always rumors that he will return at some point. We can hope!

John Abbott

He’s the man, the legend, the dead. The man came back more than once to show us he is still with us as a ghost, but he was a character you just could not hate. He was sentenced to jail for killing a man, but he suffered a heart attack and died just before he was set to go home. Was it a stroke or a heart attack? We can’t really remember over our grief. He was, in a world filled with terrible people in Genoa City, one of the good ones. He was a man who kept his word more often than not, and he was a man who did what he could do for others when he had a chance. We all miss him.

Cassie Newman

Remember when we said that we might miss Adam Newman the most? Well, we lied. We can’t handle watching a child die. It’s just not who we are as people, and this is too much for even us to bear. We loved this girl. She went through so much after she was involved in a horrible car accident as a very young teen, and we spent far longer than we wanted to watching her lie unconscious in a hospital bed while her parents were heartbroken by her side. Nick and Sharon were heartbroken when their little girl died, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it when her life finally ended. She was so sweet, and everyone loved her. Watching a child suffer is painful. We hate it.

And then….Hilary

So as of publication of this article, she’s not yet dead. However, she will be very soon. Mischael Morgan has left the show, and the character is lying on her deathbed with a certain death given to her by her doctors. Sure, there might be some miracle and she might come back. She might not even die. But for now, we are watching as she grows weaker and weaker by the moment and her fans prepare to say goodbye. We didn’t even know we liked her this much until recently, and we are all breaking inside watching her slip away.

Perhaps it was the moment she realized she lost the baby she was carrying, or the moment we all watched Devon fall apart in his father’s arms when he realized she, too, was going to die. We don’t know, but we certainly do know that this is one of the most heartbreaking weeks of our lives watching a she dies a day at a time. She might be back — we hope she is — but for now we are all just watching with a bit of sadness in our lives. She’s someone we’ve come to enjoy, and her death is hurting people we also like.

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