Young and the Restless: Victor Has to Handle His Family

Young and the Restless fans know things aren’t working well for Victor in his family. He works so hard to ensure his family is cared for and looks good from the outside even if he doesn’t care what they feel like or how they treat one another on the inside. They are a family that really does value the way they look from the outside eye more than anything, and this is one of those examples. What we might see here is a chance for him to get this situation under control, but he needs to take action.

And he will. Now that he knows what is going on with his family and their lives, he is going to spring into action and stop things from becoming worse. He has to protect his family name and their image, and he has to do it his way or it will never work for him. Will he find a way to make this happen, or will he find that it’s not as easy as he thought?

And how many people will he hurt on his way to finding out how to protect his family? He might have a chance to focus on things that are good in his life, but he might also have a chance to find out what is going on in the real world, too. Can this help him get his family in line, or will it only help him accumulate more secrets and problems in all their lives?

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