Young and the Restless Stories That Were Missing Pieces

Young and the Restless fans sometimes look at the television as the show is airing and ask ourselves what on the actual planet earth is happening. We get that anything can happen around here, but sometimes there are some big questions about things that shouldn’t be big. We don’t find ourselves asking many things about the seriously out of this world things tha happen, but we find ourselves questioning a few of the little things that go down in and around here sometimes. But, for now, we also know that we might never get answers for so many of the things that the writers just want us to accept even though they cannot find a logical explanation for. This is not primetime, so we get it. But, we still want to ask about a few things.

Everything Dina Did

Can we just ask how many times she’s messed up in her life and done things that don’t make sense? Most people have a few skeletons in her closet, but all of her kids have literally had to go back into her life and look for their father, and it’s not been easy. In fact, it’s been difficult and depressing, and it’s really made us wonder about her. So, Ashley found out she might not be an Abbott and she might have a different father, but she had to go through like 8978 men to find out which one. The same with Jack when that was questioned in his life — thanks to the lies his sister told him. But, honesty, how many men did Dina sleep with at the same time in her life for many years — enough years to have kids by men who are not the same man, but also to know that she could have been having a baby with at least a dozen men — each time. So, our real question is where did she get the time to sleep with all these men considering the small window of time in a given month in which you can even conceive a child?

J.T. and All of That

What doesn’t make sense to us is all of this. He explained that he came back to town and was suddenly abusive to Victoria because he’d been diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused him to behave irrationally. Okay, well, whatever. But, the real problem for us was the time he was killed by Nikki, and then buried by Sharon, Victoria, Nikki, and Phyllis literally six feet underground, but yet he was able to be alive that entire time? He was covered in dirt the entire time? He was able to get out of the ground himself without any help from that far under? He was able to then cover up the hole and leave them thinking that he was there, and then he spent more than six months hiding out but also spying on all of them in the meantime? Yeah, no, that doesn’t make a lick of sense, sorry.

Sharon’s Twins

As a twin mom myself, who had twins after having two healthy singletons over the course of six years prior to having twins, you definitely know something is up even if your baby is taken from you at birth. So, here we go. For one, twins take a HUGE toll on you as a pregnant woman. Two, they rarely go full-term, which means Faith was either born premature or she was a tiny full-term baby as twins are almost always smaller than singletons. And, she cannot recall any part of this birth? And her weight or her feelings or her stomach didn’t grow substantially, especially since she was already a mother and had been pregnant before? Oh, and her doctor did not ultrasounds at all? Because it’s really hard to miss twins far enough along. There was literally nothing different about this pregnancy to her? Because it was substantially different for me, and I can tell you the last few months was hard, hard, hard, and I would have known then something was up based on all the kicks and all the locations of the kicks and the movement of two babies at once even if my doctor somehow missed a second human in my uterus.

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