Former Law and Order Star Diane Neal Running for Congress

If you have ever watched the enormously popular television show Law & Order, you undoubtedly already know who Diane Neal is. If you have somehow managed to miss watching this television show while the rest of the world was tuning in, Neal played Casey Novak on the show, serving as Assistant District Attorney. As far as her character is concerned, she went nose-to-nose with everyone from police officers to judges on more than one occasion. Without a doubt, Neal’s character was never afraid to fight for what she believed in. Today, Diane Neal is still fighting, only she’s doing it for real.

At 41 years of age, she has made the decision to run for the 19th Congressional District of New York. She admits that she has no previous political background, but one thing that has spurred her to make this decision is that the overwhelming majority of her family is either currently serving in the military or has previously served. In addition, she sees the way things are in this country and she understands that as far as most people are concerned, there are a lot of things that are broken. She wants to find a way to improve life for everyone and she felt that the best way she could do that was to run for office herself.

She is going about it in a way that is extremely different from what most politicians decide to do. First and foremost, she is not affiliated with any party. She says that she doesn’t want to affiliate with a party because that isn’t what it’s all about. She wants all of the negative talk that is going on in this country to stop and she understands that it can’t be done by blaming one party over the other. As such, she has no affiliation. Personally, she describes herself as being a mixture of many different parties, if people insist on putting labels on it. Therefore, she claim she can’t really identify with one party or the other because she doesn’t wholly agree with one or the other on every item.

She is also basically running her campaign on her own. At the present time, she doesn’t really have any staff members so everything is up to her. She also doesn’t have any donations, something that most political candidates would consider absolutely crucial in order to get elected.

All in all, Neal wants to do things differently because she realizes that things have been done the same way for decades and it simply isn’t working. The truth is, most people in this country would probably tell you that things are getting worse instead of better. No one can get along, the government seems to shut down every couple of weeks because of some disagreement within Congress, and the people that are really paying the price are our servicemen and women and the citizens of this country. As a result, she has set out to do things differently because she wants to achieve a different result.

Of course, only time will tell if she is successful in her quest. If she is, she will probably be the first politician in history to get elected without a staff or a budget, not to mention being without a party. In reality, perhaps that is exactly what this country needs after all.

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