Former Irish Mobster Analyzes Mob Scenes

Wanting to believe that the criminal element is as we see it in the movies is something that many people might be willing to admit is what they might want, but then thinking about what the movies depict might change the minds of a lot of people since Hollywood tends to ramp things up quite a bit. Those that have lived the life however could possibly make it even easier to back away from such thinking while lightening the burden of knowledge by giving their honest opinion of which movies and TV shows are shown to offer a true view of how things were and possibly are versus what Hollywood decides to show us. Out of many criminal organizations that have come and gone in the history of the United States, those with Irish ties definitely have some of the worst reputations, and much of it appears to stem from the idea that corruption in the police force and the overall level of violence was so great at one time that Hollywood might not have needed to embellish that much and could have been telling the truth in their own way for a while. 

The idea that the criminal elements in this country are that organized and that strong these days is something that many would still debate about since the movies and TV have given people plenty of ideas that there is in fact cause to worry about corruption and crime, but if such things were real it feels as though many of us might still not know this for a fact. There have been times in American history when the reality of gangs, the mafia, and other mob organizations ran rampant in various cities and controlled a great deal of the country. But those days are nearly gone and any criminal element that matches up to anything in the movies at this time would likely be far more silent and unobtrusive than Hollywood enjoys making them out to be. 

It’s true that we do live in a time when a criminal organization could easily slip in and not be noticed nearly as much, or be as opposed since some might actually support them, but it’s reasonable to think that such things are not happening. A lot of people would state that the real crooks and the real gangs are the ones that are out there openly telling the American people what they believe we’d like to hear. The conspiracy theories this leads to, unfortunately, begin to unravel rather quickly since people have a tendency to believe too many rumors and are easily dissuaded from believing that which they don’t want to believe in favor of what feeds their paranoia. One good thing about criminal organizations in Hollywood is that they’re so over the top most times that a lot of people should be able to discern the facts from the fiction. One can read a history book to see what was laid down in terms of reality and come up with their own conclusions since it is true according to history that in the past, organized crime was a very real problem in this country. 

There were organizations that operated freely across the US and they often did so because they had the money, the influence, and were ready and willing to fall back upon intimidation tactics and other methods that continued to secure their seats of power. But those days have come and gone as things have changed and people have accepted various other influences into their lives that have no time or patience for those that act in such a manner. Hollywood keeps the stories alive in a number of ways, but whether they really happened or not kind of depends on the story and the practicality of it, since much like anything else, mob stories get blown out of proportion as well and aren’t always as truthful as they could be. This is done more for effect than anything, and whether a person wants to listen to a former mobster, someone who was a part of the lifestyle, or read a history book and find out from an impersonal source that might not have been there but talked to someone that was, is their choice. 

Real crime and actual crime syndicates did exist at one point and it’s not hard to believe that in order to attain and maintain their power they did some truly horrible things. But at this time it’s fair to say that the world of organized crime isn’t even close to what it used to be, though Hollywood is doing the best possible job to show what it might have been like back in the day. Thankfully there are a few folks out there that remember the life and how it really went down back in those days. 

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