Flutist Ariana Piknjac Does an Incredible Job Covering Theme Songs

Flutist Ariana Piknjac Does an Incredible Job Covering Theme Songs

Flutist Ariana Piknjac Does an Incredible Job Covering Theme Songs

Wouldn’t it be great if more people were musically inclined? Like it or not, there are some folks that couldn’t carry a tune by singing and just don’t feel drawn to any particular instrument no matter how hard they try. But a lot of people can at least appreciate music, especially music that gets them in the mood to dance, creates a fond memory, or rekindles the love of a favorite movie or TV show. Ariana Piknjac manages to capture a lot of that magic by playing several popular theme songs that just about everyone should be able to pick out since they’re just that distinctive. It’s easy to say that anyone could do this if they had enough practice and could read music, but right there are two points that a lot of people just can’t force themselves past, the practice and the ability to read music. Those that can read music might find it laughable that people find it difficult, but when you know how to do something due to a great amount of practice it becomes easier with the passage of time and the continued practice that goes into it. Plus, learning a tune and playing it over and over becomes repetitive but also trains a person’s senses to listen for the right notes that need to be played at the right given time.

Most people should know this since The Simpsons have been around longer than some people have been alive, especially since they were created in a different century when things were a lot different. But the theme song is ingrained in pop culture at this point and it’s more than fair to say that if you don’t know this theme then it’s likely that you don’t own a TV or haven’t been within a hundred miles of one, ever. The moment this theme comes up a lot of people can likely see Bart cruising around on his skateboard, Homer tossing a radioactive piece of metal out of his car, and Marge and Maggie zooming down the road towards home. The Simpsons usually make a lot of people smile since it was one of the more endearing shows of its time and it still is to be certain.

It’s amazing how crazy the world went for Harry Potter, but upon reading the books and watching the movies it wasn’t too hard to understand since the story is quite interesting, even if it stops being a kids’ story at one point and becomes kind of disturbing. Think about it, kids were sent to a world where magic exists, taught spells that could prove to be harmful to other people, and were almost never taught any real, fundamental skills that might help them in the muggle world. Then they were forced to defend themselves from various threats that were far beyond anything that they might find in the muggle world since they were bigger, meaner, and in some cases breathed fire and could fly. In other words, the Harry Potter movies were a little more troubling than people realize since in the real world a lot of this would have been called child endangerment.

The idea that there are folks that prefer the old TV show to the movies isn’t too hard to believe since the movies are basically the show ramped up on speed and given a bigger special effects budget to make them appear a little more impressive. But to be fair, the Mission: Impossible movies have made a lot of money since they give the audience what they want, a thrill ride that’s boosted by technology and all about how Ethan Hunt can a large and terrifying catastrophe from being allowed to happen by performing a set of stunning acrobatic attacks and movements that might not be as practical in the real world. With that being said, the movies are still pretty cool.

What a perfect theme to end on since The Addams Family is one of the most iconic families in both TV and movies, even if the second live-action movie didn’t quite live up to the first one. Really and truly, Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston were two of the best individuals to ever take on the roles of Gomez and Morticia Addams, and Christopher Lloyd as Fester was simply great. The rest of the cast was awesome as well and helped make the movies into something that people would remember for years to come, as even now, this coming Halloween season, you might hear the theme once or twice, and of course, the finger snaps will go with it. This woman has a great deal of skill when it comes to the flute and there are plenty of other clips of Ariana online showing just how wonderfully talented she really is.

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