Floyd Mayweather Reveals He’s “Working On” His Own Boxing Video Game

Floyd Mayweather Reveals He’s “Working On” His Own Boxing Video Game

We haven’t heard much from Floyd Mayweather since his fight and win against Conor McGregor that took place back in August of 2017, which lead to his retirement as well. However, the gaming world has officially gotten some exciting news from the boxer himself that will make everyone jump for joy. While at his own 41st birthday party, Floyd Mayweather made the announcement that he is working on his own video game that is going to be released sometime in the near future. Although not many details have been released as of yet, we do have some small details that we can reveal to you all who are waiting in eager anticipation. Let’s take a deeper look at the Floyd Mayweather video game that might just make history.

Following Tyson’s Footsteps

As many will remember, the last legitimate boxing video game that was released was by none other than Mike Tyson himself. The game was entitled ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’, and it was one of the greatest boxing video games to make a debut in a long time. Now, Mayweather is seeming to follow in Tyson’s footsteps, with the creation of his own unique boxing game that will have to stand the test against ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’ when it comes to gamers all over the globe.

Not Another ‘Fight Night’

Apparently, regarding Floyd Mayweather’s news about his progress on his new video game, there were rumors speculated that he was going to make it similar to that of the ‘Fight Night’ video games that came out not too long ago. However, at his birthday party, Mayweather disputed these rumors up front, saying that he needed to have ‘ownership’ of his own game, and wanted it to be a unique experience for gamers. We are sure this is making those gamers all over even more excited for the game to make its debut, to see all of the excellence and differentiation that it will have from all of the other video games to come out over the years. These rumors started as there was also speculation that a new ‘Fight Night’ game was going to be coming out as well, to which Mayweather also said that he would not have a character on the new game if it were to come about.

The buzz about this upcoming new video game from Mayweather has made gamers and fans all over very excited for its potential release. Since Floyd Mayweather’s retirement announcement back in August 2017 after his win against McGregor, fans weren’t sure what would be next for the all time champion. Although there is not a lot of detail being released just yet regarding the game since it was just recently brought to our attention by Mayweather himself, we know it will be the next level of boxing video game to reach major success among gamers and fans everywhere. Be sure to stay tuned with us as we get closer to a release date for the new video game, and for other details when it comes to what we can expect. Thanks for reading!

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