“Fixer Upper’ stars Chip and Joanna Gaines Expecting 5th Baby

“Fixer Upper’ stars Chip and Joanna Gaines Expecting 5th Baby

On January 2, 2018, the latest episode of “Fixer Upper’ starring the increasingly popular Gaines couple, was aired on HGTV. After the show, Chip Gaines announced on social media that they are expecting a baby. Chip who is 43 while Joanna who is 39 already have four children; Emmie, 7, Duke, 9, Ella, 11, and Drake, 12. All their four children appear in their show, which is produced in Waco, Texas.

Chip announced on Instagram that they are now a party of 7, and added that if anyone was still confused, the couple is pregnant. On Twitter, he bordered on giving too much information. He shared that a few months back when the Los Angeles-based Jonny Swim gave an amazing performance in Los Angeles, the romance that was stirred in the concert was a little too much. It therefore led one thing to another, and now it’s confirmed; they are pregnant, and he is very excited about it.

They made the announcement after the episode in which they fixed a house for Joanna’s brother in-law home. Joanna’s brother in-law is also expecting a sixth child with Joanna’s sister. The current “Fixer Upper’ season is the fifth one and the final one as well. However, fans were stunned when the couple announced through a blog post that they were ending the show, which has so far given HGTV massive positive ratings.

In the blog post they used to make the announcement, they said that they were making the announcement with sadness and expectation about Fixer Upper’s Season 5 being the last one. They continued to say that they felt and were confident they had made the right decision for them, and it wasn’t easy to come to terms with it as well. They said their family had grown long with that of their viewers, and could actually feel the audience rooting for them from the other side of the screen. They concluded that it felt bittersweet saying goodbye to the show, which had brought them and their fans together in the first place.

The Gaines family live in a home they built on a 40-acre farm, just outside of town. Their business interests include a design and real estate company, a retail business that includes Magnolia Market, as well as a magazine. According to Visitors Bureau and Waco Convention, the Magnolia Market business attracts close to 30,000 visitors each week, making it one of their most vibrant business. Their other businesses include a paint line, home goods line that includes “Hearth and Home,” as well as best-selling books.

According to the couple, they want to focus more on their family by putting it first, and running the show will get in the way of that. Both Chip and Joanna are conservative evangelicals, alums of Baylor University, and they have been married since 2003. They started “Fixer Upper’ ten years after they got married with a mission to turn dilapidated houses to dream houses for buyers. The show became an instant hit due to Chip’s goofiness, and Joanna’s homely warmth. The result was the couple became media darlings and graced covers of popular magazines such as People.

We wish “Fixer Upper’ stars Chip and Joanna Gaines all the best, and hopefully, we will see them again on our screens.

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