The Five Worst Sharon Stone Movie Roles of Her Career

The Five Worst Sharon Stone Movie Roles of Her Career

At some point in her career Sharon Stone became the ultimate sex symbol when it came to movies. That lasted for as long as it took for the next pretty face to come along and take that title, and then she had to move on to something else. She’s tried a long list of movies and more often than not her acting has been on par with where it needs to be. But there are still movies where she simply didn’t quite fit and should have thought twice about accepting the role she took. Keep in mind, she’s a good actress and can deliver a standup performance that’s believable and entertaining, but at times it seems like she just wasn’t in the right movie.

5. The Specialist-May Munro

She was a woman out for revenge in this film, and that was it. Aside from this one thing she didn’t have a lot of character development and the film was about as ridiculous as it gets, even for the 90’s. Two men that are highly trained in the use and disposal of explosives are basically going at one another the entire film and she’s just, well, there.

4. Sphere-Dr. Elizabeth Halperin

In the book Dr. Halperin eventually becomes the bad guy and in the movie it gets a little muddled. The entire story is so badly represented that it’s easy to lose sight of what Michael Crichton, the author, was actually trying to get at. The book was actually pretty good, but the way that it was bungled onscreen was just horrible, and her character wasn’t given the right development.

3. The Quick and the Dead-Ellen

In essence she has almost the feel of a female Clint Eastwood, a gunslinger that’s out for revenge but isn’t quite ready to face the man that she came to kill.  So of course she enters the quick draw contest, a very morbid affair that turns absolutely deadly when the man running the town and the contest decides to change the rules. At that point the smart person would have taken him out or ridden out of town.

2. Casino-Ginger McKenna

This one is hard to write because I liked the movie. Her part however was something that could have been left out, or given to someone else. It just feels a little overplayed and in many ways as though she simply had to put too much into to compete with the likes of DeNiro and Pesci. This role might have been seen as great by many but honestly it just seems too contrived, like it HAD to be there to satisfy people.

1. Catwoman-Laurel Hedare

This entire movie felt like a giant stink bomb and it was received just as well. The plot, the premise, the development, everything was just horribly off kilter and didn’t have a lot of redeeming qualities, if any. The role that Stone took on however should have been something she ran from with as much speed as she could muster.

She’s a great actress, but like a few others throughout history she’s made some bad calls with her roles.

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