The Five Worst Movies of 2017 According to The Razzies

The Golden Raspberry Awards have released their nominations. As a result, we now know what the Razzies considered to be the 5 worst movies of 2017, which is rather amusing information. Here are what the Razzies considered to be the 5 worst movies of 2017:


Baywatch did not get the friendliest reception from the critics. In significant part, this seems to have been because it lacked the charming campiness of its predecessor, which was particularly notable because its stars are famous for possessing plenty of on-screen charm. In fact, its cast was one of the few aspects of the movie that received praise, while almost everything else from its storyline and its sense of humor to its character development were met with widespread panning. With that said, it is interesting to note that the fans seemed to have been alright with Baywatch, with the result that it managed respectable if not spectacular earnings at the box office.

The Emoji Movie

A lot of people criticized The Emoji Movie for its stupid premise, which was chosen when the people behind the movie started thinking about the new toys that hadn’t received a movie yet. Even more people criticized the resulting movie for being more or a less a complete and utter waste of their movie, which was attributed to its lack of anything that made its worth watching. Finally, there were even a fair number of people who essentially called it corporate propaganda promoting smartphone downloads, which was one more failing flailing upon a heaped pile of them.

Fifty Shades Darker

The Fifty Shades franchise started out as BDSM fan fiction of the Twilight franchise. As a result, its commercial success as well as its critical condemnation were wholly unsurprising for anyone who has ever paid much attention to the kind of fan fiction that often makes it to the top of the popularity lists. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t just blasted by the critics because of its premise but also because of its poor implementation of its premise, with common comments ranging from tedium to a lack of chemistry between the leads.

The Mummy

The latest reports suggest that Universal Pictures’s Dark Universe is still happening, but there can be no doubt that the lackluster performance of The Mummy sunk a lot of high hopes. Simply put, The Mummy attempted to pack too much into too little screen-time, not least because it put too much focus on setting up the setting that it was supposed to launch. As a result, it suffered from the comparison with the Brendan Fraser movies, which were at least fun to watch.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Transformers: The Last Knight met with the same critical reception as the other Transformers movies, which is to say, not a very good one. Essentially, they can be summed up as calling the movie loud, stupid, but pretty-looking, while some commented on problematic movies towards women that were brought up about previous installments in the franchise as well. Curiously, while Transformers: The Last Knight still made more than $600 million at the box office, it underperformed by a significant margin, though it seems improbable that this is because of anything to do with the bad reviews.

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