The Five Worst Bruce Willis Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Bruce Willis Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Bruce Willis Movie Roles of His Career

Sigh. Speaking as a Bruce Willis fan I’m sorry to have to say that there are some films that he probably should have stayed away from. It’s not so much that his performance was bad, it’s that the entire film just wasn’t worth his time. There have been a fair number of films that he probably should have stayed away from just because they were that bad, yet a few of them still managed to be at least amusing just because of his part in them. Still, when it comes to a really bad movie it takes a star of such magnitude that they could raise a dead premise from a decades-long grave just to make it worthy. Bruce Willis is a great actor, but he’s not enough to revive a tanking movie.

5. Alpha Dog

He plays the father of a drug-dealing psychopath that has no idea what’s going on until things have become so screwed up that there’s no return. Throughout the film he’s more of a mentor really, a silent, absentee parent that doesn’t care so much what his son does as long as he doesn’t get caught or bring anything home that could implicate him. But when it comes to kidnapping things get a little heated.

4. Death Becomes Her

The brilliant but socially inept doctor that is engaged to one woman and then marries another woman only to fall out of love with her years later so he can go back to the original woman is kind of a goofball character. If not for the cheesy acting and strange, almost apathetic attitude he brings to the character in some scenes you might think it wasn’t so bad.

3. Last Man Standing

He wasn’t the  problem in this film. It’s the fact that you have what passes for a western flick being inundated with Italian and Irish wiseguys. His role didn’t have much of a chance to develop with all the egos roaming around the set. Between him, Christopher Walken, and the other goons it was a constant show of bravado that didn’t seem to end, with one goofy character thrown in for a hint of flavor.

2. A Good Day to Die Hard

This franchise really should have began and ended with the first movie. From the second one on it just kept getting worse. The villains were horrible, the premise was usually the same thing, and the extras just got cheesier and cheesier. In the film preceding this one we got to see McClane’s daughter all grown up and feistier than ever. So of course it was time to see a film with his son in it, right?

1. Mercury Rising

An autistic kid figures out a government super-code that was never meant to be solved. Not to far-fetched yet, right? Well it gets better. Why in the world was the code even in the back of a magazine if it was supposed to be so top secret? Wouldn’t even the smallest chance of someone reading it and being able to decipher the code been too much of a risk? Nope, apparently not.

Like I said, it’s not always the actor, sometimes it’s the film.


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