Five Undeniable Movie Mistakes from Fate of the Furious

In almost every movie made there are bound to be a few mistakes that only the eagle-eyed fans will catch. Some missteps are fairly obvious while others are those you really have to search for. In the Fate of the Furious, the latest installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise, there are a number of improbable things that happen that most fans would look at and easily shake their head as they cite how the laws of physics wouldn’t allow half of the action to continue without some serious ramifications. But setting those aside for now there are still other mistakes to be found that aren’t as jaw-dropping or as death-defying as those risky maneuvers.

Here are some mistakes that could have been easily prevented.

Vin Diesel’s emotional mastery.

When Dom finds out he has son, let’s forget how the timeline seems to warp and bend just for this purpose, he obviously gets a tad bit emotional and the heroic single tear trailing down the cheek is seen. Aw, it’s a sad but serious moment and we’ve seen it more than once. But when he turns around to speak to Cypher his eyes are completely dry and it’s as if the tears never happened. Now Dom might be a man’s man, but no one is that good.

The fire under the limo was there and gone.

During the scene in which the limo carrying Dom’s target through downtown is being surrounded by cars on all sides, including from above, a fire suddenly breaks out as it engulfs a good number of the vehicles all around the limo. A brief flare can be seen from under the limo, but it’s there and gone within an instant, causing no damage or grief to those inside.

Reappearing hinges.

When Cypher and Dom infiltrate Mr. Nobody’s hideout they blow the door and the hinges off of the frame completely in a massive explosion that leaves everyone disoriented and desperately seeking their bearings. But when you see Dom and Cypher enter, the hinges have been miraculously restored.

Extras coming and going.

In one of the opening scenes when Dom is tossing words back and forth with one of the locals concerning his shady business dealings it can be seen that a couple of the extras are shifting back and forth in the crowd. One man is in one location one second and another in the next. And then behind Letty one guy is absent two seconds earlier and front and center not that long after. Can’t the director control the extras?

From the sidewalk to the asphalt.

Also in the opening, Dom and the shady businessman race the Cuban Mile, a drag race all the way to the waterfront. Dom is essentially riding a homemade bomb since the car he’s in is about to blow from the strain he’s putting on it. But by the time he’s won the race and the car is out of control he leaps to the sidewalk to escape. The trouble is that when the shot pans back to him he’s now getting up from the street, where he presumably landed. That’s one heck of a big mistake.

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