Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Cohan

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Cohan

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Cohan

If you don’t know who Lauren Cohan is by now then it’s likely that you don’t want The Walking Dead. That’s perfectly okay but that happens to be where many upon many people know her from. Her role as Maggie Green has for a while now been one of her best roles ever, though she’s been a guest on other shows as well and starred in a few movies. The most notable one I can recall at this moment is The Boy, which wasn’t exactly a blockbuster but it was a step outside the TV experience.

As Maggie though a lot of people would agree that she absolutely nails the part.

5. She has an English accent.

Lauren’s mother is Scottish and her father is American, so where the accent comes from is kind of a puzzler, but she does speak in a different accent when she’s not on the show. Just to look at her you might think she’d have come by the southern twang in her voice naturally, but it’s not the case. It’s not such a big thing unless you’ve never heard her speak outside of the show.

4. She takes kickboxing classes.

She comes by the trim and fit shape quite honestly as she’s into kickboxing and yoga, so there’s no doubt she knows how to get in shape and stay that way. She’s also a woman you might not want to mess with just because she might actually know how to throw a few kicks and jabs to the extent that they’d really hurt and do some serious damage. It’s too bad that kind of action hasn’t been written for Maggie.

3. She was a model before becoming an actress.

If you take a look at a lot of the pictures she’s posted and a lot more that are on the internet you can see that she’s very comfortable in front of the camera. She did some modeling before becoming an actor and apparently was quite good at it. In fact she was kind of surprised to find herself in the role of an actor at one point though obviously she’s just decided to go with since then.

2. She was slated to star in Arrow.

Lauren was supposed to be cast as the Huntress but scheduling conflicts with The Walking Dead came up and she had to bow out. How interesting would that have been to see her pop up on another show in a recurring role? It shouldn’t be too much of an issue since with her talent there should be plenty of jobs that might open up for her in the future should The Walking Dead go off the air eventually, as it’s rumored to be coming near.

1. She never meant to become an actress.

As mentioned in one of the points above Lauren never really had much intention of becoming an actress. In her own words she just kind of fell into it without any real rhyme or reason. If that’s the case then it’s one of the happier accidents to have ever happened.

She’ll be coming back in The Walking Dead this month for the second half of season 8.

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