10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Swickard

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Swickard

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Swickard

Stability is one of the hardest things to come across as an actor, but Josh Swickard has been very fortunate to find it as a cast member in General Hospital. He has been on the show since 2018 and has appeared in nearly 300 episodes since that time. Although soap opera stars aren’t always taking serious due to the nature of the shows, Josh has shown that he’s also capable of other things. In 2020, he starred in the Netflix movie A California Christmas. It has also been announced that he will be reprising his role for the film’s sequel, A California Christmas: City Lights. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Josh Swickard.

1. He Grew Up In A Religious Household

Josh was born and raised in Illinois and he has very fond memories of his midwestern upbringing. He told Stone Cold and the Jackal, “I grew up in Springfield, Illinois. I always tell people that it is a great place to be from! It was everything you could hope for in a hometown. We had a barn, a cornfield, and our neighbors even had horses.” His father was a minister at a local Methodist church and faith continues to play a very important role in Josh’s life.

2. He Enjoys Giving Back To Others

Josh’s Christian upbringing instilled in him the importance of helping those around him. He has used his celebrity status to do just that. He loves giving back to the community and he has done volunteer work with various charity organizations over the years.

3. He Is Passionate About Health And Wellness

Staying in great shape is one of Josh’s top priorities and he spends a lot of time working to keep his body beach ready regardless of the season. Fitness isn’t the only way he likes to take care of himself, though. He is also serious about being mindful of what he puts into his body.

4. He Loves Traveling

Josh has a very adventurous spirit and he’s the type of person who is always in search of exciting new experiences. Traveling is the perfect way for him to fulfill that desire. Thanks to his career he has been able to visit places all over the world including France, Spain, and Antigua.

5. He Is Getting Ready To Be A Dad

Family is something that has always been important to Josh, and he and his wife, Lorynn, are getting ready to expand theirs. The couple has recently announced that they are expecting their first child together and they have described the news as a “dream come true”. Both of their fans are excited to go along on their pregnancy journey with them.

6. He Studied Accounting

Most people would agree that Josh was born to be in front of a camera, but he was once on a very different path. He attended DePaul College where he majored in accounting and was focused on having a career in finance. Life clearly had other plans for Josh, though. During college, Josh got involved in modeling and he eventually started working with an acting coach.

7. He Likes To Sing

Josh was fortunate to be born into a creative family where his love for the arts was thoroughly supported from an early age. Music was his first love and he grew up singing, playing piano and the drums. These days, however, it doesn’t appear that Josh is making any music.

8. He Is A SoulCycle Instructor

Josh’s fans may see him as a big celebrity who is constantly surrounded by the flashing lights of the entertainment industry, but that’s not really the case. He is actually a pretty ‘regular’ guy. In fact, prior to the pandemic, he was a SoulCycle instructor on the weekends.

9. His Grandfather Played A Special Role In Josh’s Wedding

Anyone who is able to build a close relationship with their grandparents knows how special that bond is. Josh is one of the people who has been fortunate to experience this. While talking to Stone Cold and the Jackal he shared that a picture of him and his grandfather is his most prized possession. He also revealed that his grandfather was the best man at his wedding.

10. He Spends A Lot Of Time Outdoors

When Josh gets a break from work, he loves to spend his time enjoying the beauty of nature. He is the outdoors type who loves a variety of activities including swimming, hiking, horseback riding. Josh has even some some really cool things like go sky diving and hot air ballooning.

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