Five Things We Learned from The On-Gaku: Our Sound Trailer

On-Gaku: Our Sound, looks like what it kind of is, the struggle of a trio of friends to create their own sound with a band that is started up as a way to get attention and fame. That idea has been done quite a bit throughout the history of entertainment to be realistic, but it gets tweaked now and again whenever someone decides to take it on as their own, and this production, based on the manga that has been around for a bit, kind of shows that. For such an idea it’s usually necessary to come up with something that people haven’t done to death and then find a way to present it that will get the attention of the fans and make certain that they’ll stick around to see what it’s all about. So far, just looking at the trailer makes it feel as though something will indeed come of this attempt and something will in fact be appreciated by the fans, but it’s also so low-key in terms of being a statement or a vision that it’s bound to be misunderstood by a lot of people that aren’t fully on board with the idea. Likely it will take a bit of convincing for people to really see the value in this, but there’s no doubt that such a thing will happen.

Here are a few things we learned from the trailer.

5. The animation is going to be a bit different.

Obviously it looks a bit simple throughout part of the movie, but it does look as though things will pick up in a big way as the trailer goes on to show the rotoscoping animation technique that will give the story a little more depth and feeling that will help it out along the way. As I mentioned above, stories such as this really need something, be it a hook or a different look that set them apart from others, so that people will feel that it is in fact unique and not just another story that correlates with so many others and is averse to doing its own thing. There are too many stories out there that are alike, but this one feels as though it will go against that trend.

4. It looks as though it’s going to detail the struggle making a band.

Just asking around, many people would tell you that making a band isn’t quite that simple and it takes more than a short while to come together and agree on who will play what, the type of music that will be played, and even what the band’s name will be. Then comes the hardest part, which is getting anyone to listen and actually get into what the band is playing. In the trailer it feels obvious that the band will make it big, but the reality of it is that many bands either get insanely lucky when it comes to gaining fans, or they spend years and years trying to produce something that people will enjoy.

3. The movie looks to delve into the realization of how music touches people.

There is a certain power in music that a lot of people can feel and that many appreciate in a big way since it does touch everyone in a different manner. In the trailer it already appears as though this feeling is being pushed in a big way since the band is being told that they’re doing something great, that it sounds manly, and that they’ll gain praise of some sort. Music is a powerful force that touches people in a strange but very real ways it sparks inspiration, emotions, and even actions at some point.

2. The conflict will likely be mainly the idea of actually creating a band.

It does look as though there will be conflict with other characters in the story, but it also feels as though putting the band together and getting people to listen will be a big part of the conflict as well. This would be keeping it realistic since the truth of it is that bands don’t spring up overnight in a literal sense, as the fact that anyone can say ‘let’s form a band’ is real, but actually taking the action and coming up with something that people will enjoy takes a great deal of effort that might not produce interest for a while to come.

1. The movie was released in 2019.

Those interested in seeing what this movie is all about should be able to access it pretty easily considering it came out last year, though interest in it has been growing since then and at this time it feels as though it’s becoming even more pertinent in society. Those that want to experience the feel of the movie should probably go and take a look to satisfy their curiosity.

It could be worth the watch.

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