That Time They Did a Real Weigh in and Press Conference promo for Freddy vs Jason

The debate between who would win between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees finally spawned a real weigh-in between the two, along with a press conference. This had to be the dream of all horror fans to be honest since despite being kind of campy it was pretty cool really. Watching Freddy go face to chest with is pretty funny since he’s a small guy next to Jason. And yet, between the two of them, he’s definitely far more lethal when it comes to the dreamscape. In real life however Jason is just a brute. He’s proven that he can take the fight to Freddy without fail, as he’s tossed him around like a rag doll in the movie.

The only problem with this matchup is where they would fight, and the fact that neither one of them can really die. Freddy can be hacked apart and so can Jason, but the only reason Freddy’s at a disadvantage in the real world, apart from the fact that he’s weaker, is that he doesn’t regenerate as fast as Jason and could be put out of the fight for a little while. But even if Jason is killed in the dreamworld he continues to come back to life, unless of course there’s something to the fact that Freddy had to search the bowels of hell to find Jason and then bring him back.

They each have their weaknesses remember. Jason can’t die, but he can be put down occasionally until he has a purpose to come back. Freddy can’t die, but that doesn’t do much to bolster his real weakness, which occurs when people start to forget about him. Once no one believes in him any more his power begins to wane, which is why he needed a physical presence in the real world to start with. The only problem with resurrecting a mad dog, mindless killer like Jason is that he’s raw instinct and killing power without an OFF switch. He’ll go on killing again and again just because he can, not so much because he wants to or has to. But it would appear that once he reaches Camp Crystal Lake that he might calm down and stop going after people on his murderous spree simply because he’s home.

Freddy doesn’t have that distinction. His home is anywhere the nightmares are, no matter if it’s halfway around the world or right back on Elm Street. He pops up where people are afraid, as he drinks that in kind of like Pennywise since it’s his lifeblood so to speak. The more afraid of him people are, the more powerful he gets. Jason on the other hand is all power but no ambition. He’s mindless violence and destruction without any real thought as to the why of it. Freddy is the trickster, the guy that will toy with you before he kills you since that makes your soul all the sweeter for him to take in. In a knockdown drag out fight between these two it’s hard to pick a clear winner, but in sheer physicality and durability I’d have to give it to Jason. Freddy would win on pure craziness if it came down to that.

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