Movie Recap: A Quiet Place

Movie Recap: A Quiet Place
Movie Recap: A Quiet Place

credit: A Quiet Place

The 2018 movie, movie showcases a world where the world had gone too eerily silent to the point that any noise could equate to danger. Set in a world after an alien race with hypersensitive hearing invaded Earth, we had our characters adjusting to their new noiseless lifestyle.

Below, we will have a recap of this movie, and for our next article, we will cover how the events of its sequel, A Quiet Place 2, worked beautifully to resolve what this movie did not solve and fill in the holes that this movie left.

The premise

Before the movie, the world was overrun by a blind alien race with thick armor skin and ultrasensitive hearing. These monsters could also run at very fast speeds and are very strong. That’s why the still-remaining humans were afraid to make any noise to not catch the attention of these monsters because they knew too well that they were too weak to fight with one.

We are introduced to the Abbott family, walking in an abandoned store and fetching supplies. The family members were as follows: Evelyn, the mother; Lee, the father, together with their two sons, Marcus and Beau, and their deaf daughter, Regan. We have seen the family has taken a lot of precautions already, having spent a lot of days in this situation. Some of their preventive measures were walking in the sand to not step on something that would produce sound and communicating in American Sign Language as they could not afford to talk much.

Beau saw a toy rocket and played with it. His father stopped him because it would make too much noise. Lee put the rocket away and removed its batteries. But when they were leaving, Regan gave the rocket back to Beau, who then secretly took its batteries from where his father put it. On their way, Beau turned the toy on and attracted the attention of a monster, killing him. This made Regan hate herself as she blamed herself for her brother’s death. Had she not given the toy back, this would not happen.

Movie Recap: A Quiet Place

credit: A Quiet Place

A few years later

Evelyn was pregnant, and her due date was nearing. Meanwhile, Lee invited Marcus to teach him how to fish. Regan wanted to come, but she wasn’t allowed to because her hearing aid wasn’t fixed yet. She went to the makeshift memorial for her late brother instead.

The mother’s water broke, and she knew she was about to give birth. She went downstairs to give birth but accidentally stepped on a nail. She tried to compose herself, not to make any noise despite being in pain, but she dropped a picture frame she was holding. She then turned on the red warning lights because she had just attracted some creatures to their house.

Evelyn began to soundlessly give birth in a bathtub while a creature was inching in. Just in time, the father and son had just gone back from fishing and set off fireworks to create a distraction.

Movie Recap: A Quiet Place

credit: A Quiet Place

The endgame

One time, Marcus and Regan were in a silo when the brother fell off, causing some noise. Regan jumped in to save her brother, but they attracted a creature that was fended off when her hearing aid began producing high-frequency noises when near one. The creature was successfully repelled.

After escaping the silo (from the hole brought upon by the retreating monster), Lee found his two children, whom he advised to get into his truck for safety. However, he was attacked by another monster, making Marcus scream and head to the car. Regan tried to make her hearing aid make a high-pitched noise again, but it did not work. To save his children, he signed that he loved them, and it has always been that way, before screaming to distract the creature from attacking them.

They went back to the house, and Evelyn greeted them. They hid in the basement after hearing some creature noises. Regan discovered her father’s plans to make her again in the basement. Suddenly, a monster came closing in, and she put her hearing aid on a microphone, amplifying its high-pitch noise, severely weakening the monster and exposing its fleshy interior. Evelyn took the opportunity and shot the flesh and successfully killed the monster.

They saw more creatures coming to their house as the gunshot was heard. With the newfound knowledge of how to kill one of these monsters, they looked at each other with confidence as Evelyn cocked her shotgun.

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