Five Things We Hope to See in the New George Carlin Documentary

Out of all the comedians that have ever come and gone throughout the history of show business there are a handful that have been embraced by the people in a way that’s been described as legendary. George Carlin is one of those that some people actually started to forget, which is what appears to be what has prompted noted director Judd Apatow to create a documentary detailing George’s life and the many details that went into creating a comedian that many people from several generations revered. There are of course several things that a lot of fans would love to see in this documentary since there was a lot to George’s life, from his comedic standing to the acting he did in his time and the books he wrote. George passed away in 2008 from heart failure, leaving behind a long and very impressive legacy that many people have thoroughly enjoyed. Despite that however, the feeling is that preserving his memory in a documentary will help people to remember who he was and what he did in a way that will immortalize him like nothing else will. The sentiment is great and all and Apatow might be correct, but at the same time it’s fair to say that George is going to be remembered by a great many people for some time to come. But to be fair, a documentary might be a lot of fun to watch.

Here are just a few things that a lot of people would love to see.

5. His time as a DJ

George did spend time as a disc jockey before making his way into the wider world of comedy where he would eventually take off and be accepted by the fans. In fact it was during his tenure as a DJ that he met up with Jack Burns and they went on to create a comedy act of their own that eventually ended up getting them noticed. To hear about how he managed to get into this line of work and how effective he was would be pretty interesting since it feels safe to state that George would have been just as good on the radio as he was in real life considering that his sense of humor didn’t know a lot of boundaries.

4. How he got his start in comedy

This would almost have to be a constant theme throughout the documentary since it would be pervasive enough that it would have something to do with everything he did in his life. George didn’t have the perfect existence obviously since he found himself in trouble a few times and he made a few poor choices along the way, but somehow comedy became a big part of his life that was always there. It was also how people knew him in a big way since every time he was on the mic it was a reason to feel that something funny was coming and that one would be busting up with laughter only a few minutes later.

3. Hosting the first episode of SNL

Oddly enough he’s one of the only hosts that never participated in a skit, at his own request no less. Perhaps this was granted simply because it was the first episode, but almost every host since has been involved in a skit or two on SNL, almost as a rite of passage for being on the show. But it sounds as though his request was handled without any problem and he was allowed to simply perform the hosting duties without much of a fuss.

2. His time on the Bill and Ted movie

This might have to be tucked in near halfway to three-quarter mark of the documentary since he wasn’t quite that old yet when he took part in these movies, but at the same time he wasn’t a young man either. He was kind of an integral part of the movie since he was the guy that set Bill and Ted on their quest and gave them what they needed in order to get going. Obviously with the next Bill and Ted movie coming up it would be great to think that he’s going to paid a great deal of respect in the movie, but it would be great to see this in the documentary as well, perhaps with some commentary from Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves too.

1. His experience in the Air Force.

Believe it or not, George was court-martialed three different times, was considered unproductive, and was still given a general discharge after all was said and done. It would be very intriguing to learn the story behind all of this if there is one to tell. There’s a reason why everyone becomes the way they are, and it’s definitely along the lines of feasibility to think that Carlin might have been this way early on and only gained speed as he continued to grow into the person he would eventually become.

Who else is excited for the documentary?

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