Five Things You Never Knew About “Bizaardvark”

Five Things You Never Knew About “Bizaardvark”

Five Things You Never Knew About “Bizaardvark”

‘Bizaardvark’ is a television series aired on Friday nights on the Disney Channel’. It has so far run for 40 episodes over two seasons since it was first aired in June 2016. The series was created by Kyle Stegina and Josh Lehrman. It stars teenagers Madison Hu, Olivia Rodrigo, Jake Paul, DeVore Ledridge, and Ethan Wacker. The series about friends who post comedy videos and songs on the Internet and now have a following of subscribers to their channel. Although this series is now well-established, it is likely that there are things you do not know about the series and the cast. Here are five more things you probably don’t know about ‘Bizaardvark’.

1. Some of the Cast Are Musically Talented

Some members of the cast are musically talented. Both Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo can play the piano. The two girls are also talented singers. While Madison has claimed that Olivia is the more vocally talented of the two, the other cast members have said that it is Madison they hear singing in the corridors of the studio. Olivia can also play the guitar and this is something that viewers see her character, Paige Olvera, do regularly.

2. The Theme Song is Sung by Two Main Cast Members

Other than ‘Girl Meets World’ in 2014, this is only the second Disney Channel series where the main theme tune is sung by two main cast members. It is also the first theme song since 2011’s ‘Jessie’ to mention of the names of its characters and the first Disney Channel series that is live action to have the cast members on the screen singing the theme tune in the introduction. The theme music was co-composed by Matthew Tischler, Josh Lehrman, and Kyle Stegina. Other music in the series is composed by Scott Clausen.

3. Madison Hu is Also in Another Disney Channel Series

‘Bizaardvark’ is not the only Disney Channel series in which Madison Hu appears. She also plays the recurring role of a friend of Cyd, Naldo, Barry, and Shelby in ‘Best Friends Whenever’. She played this role in 2015. This is a time travel series about two teenage girls.

4. Maya Jade Franklin Sported the #LoveWins Symbol in 2016

During episodes of the series aired in 2016, Maya Jade Franklin wears the #LoveWins symbol in her left ear. This is a symbol relating to same-sex marriage. When the Supreme Court reached a decision on same-sex marriages back in 2015, then President Barack Obama tweeted his support using the hashtag #LoveWins. Twitter also showed their support by adding a rainbow heart symbol to every tweet that used this hashtag. This led to the rainbow hearty symbol becoming the official symbol for marriage equality and was called the #LoveWins symbol.

5. There is Potentially a Third Season

The first season of this series premiered on June 24, 2016. This was followed by the second season which began in June 2017. It is rumored that there will be a third season of ‘Bizaardvark’. coming soon. This information was leaked on Twitter and has not yet been confirmed by the Disney Channel or by any members of the cast.

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