Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rory Scovel

In today’s age of vlogs, web series, and social media, it can seem that comedians no longer work the same way. The days of touring and performing in festivals appear to be gone, with digital media leading the way for today’s comedy. Some comedians, however, have found incredible success through classic techniques. One of the most successful performers in today’s entertainment industry is the hilarious Rory Scovel.

Scovel has a long and distinguished career as a comedian. He is also a talented actor who is now appearing in Wrecked, a popular new series. Fans of the show may not realize how interesting Scovel’s background is. Here are five of the most interesting facts about Rory Scovel.

5. His education has helped his career

Unlike many entertainers, Scovel took the time to invest in post-secondary education. He attended the University of South Carolina Upstate, graduating with a degree in communication. He has stated that his education has been extremely helpful throughout his career as an entertainer. More specifically, he explained that the course he took about human communication was particularly helpful.

4. He is very athletic 

Although Scovel may give off a laid-back demeanor, he is actually a driven and skilled athlete. As a child, he played several sports including soccer, basketball, and tennis. Even more impressively, he played soccer for all four years while at university. While athletics may not be fundamental to his career, it is interesting to note that he has talents outside of comedy and acting.

3. He has opened for some of the biggest names in comedy 

While many comedians today have found success by posting their work on YouTube, Scovel took a more traditional route. One of the greatest signs of success for a comedian is opening for established acts. Scovel has opened for performers like Daniel Tosh, Nick Swardson, and Louis C.K.

2. He has performed on some of television’s biggest shows 

Another classic way for comedians to showcase their skills is to perform on late-night television shows. While many actors dream of one day performing on high profile shows, Scovel has been able to perform on several of television’s biggest productions. These include Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In addition to these shows, Scovel has performed in some notable festivals. He has entertained fans at massive shows like the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.

1. He has done some unique work

Although Scovel has seen incredible success in the traditional comedy route of festivals and shows, he has also done some special work. One of the most notable examples was in 2013 when he recorded a show at Third Man Records. Unlike the vast majority of comedy shows, this show is not available digitally. Instead, it was only recorded on tape and vinyl. Although fans can see him perform on shows like Wrecked, it is interesting to note that he has special shows available only on vinyl.


Final Thoughts

Rory Scovel is one of the most talented comedians performing today. He has seen incredible success by opening for other comedians, performing in festivals, and appearing on late-night shows. He has used his tremendous success in comedy to land roles in notable television shows like Wrecked. With an appearance in the upcoming Will Ferrell movie The House, fans can be confident that Scovel will be making them laugh for years to come.

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