Five Things You Didn’t Know about Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Andi Mack is the Disney show that recently made its debut in early April 2017. The character Andi is played by young actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee. The character is just turning 13 and is surrounded by a loving family and an abundance of friends. What makes this television series so special is that it deals with the subject of teen pregnancy. Viewers who climbed on board for the first episodes got to see first hand how Andi reacts when her older sister Bex comes to visit and shares a huge family secret that has been hidden for all of Andi’s life.

As it turns out, Bex is really Andi’s mother. The mom and dad that she knows are in fact her grandparents who are raising her. This gives Andi a lot to deal with. The series deals with the special struggles that she encounters in her life. Fans of Peyton Elizabeth Lee may be wondering more about her. She has made a few appearances but there are still many fans who are asking, “who is Peyton Elizabeth Lee?” The teen actress has made some great contributions to the film industry and she is one that we believe has the potential to be a rising star.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Peyton Elizabeth Lee.

1. Peyton has had guest roles in a few popular television series

Some viewers were unaware that young Lee has already had a few minor roles. Prior to landing the role in Andi Mack in 2017 she appeared in Shameless in 2011 and in the series Scandal in 2012. These gigs were prior to the time that she began to amass popularity on Disney. She was so young at the time that it may be difficult to recognize her as she is growing into a lovely girl as she is transforming into a teenager.

2. Peyton has earned a prestigious distinction

Peyton Elizabeth Lee has worked for years to get where she is at today. She was cast in roles at a very young age. Among her accomplishments, she has earned the honor of holding the title of the youngest acting student ever accepted to Playhouse West. It is obvious to see that she has already attained great things and this is just the beginning for her.

3. What Peyton did before she became famous

In addition to appearing in a few television series minor roles, Peyton has also appeared in television commercials. Her face was seen in advertisements for Carnival Curises, Sprint, Petco and JC Penny.

4. Peyton is much more than an actress

While Lee is making it good on the acting scene, she has other talents as well. She is also a dancer. Her dance performances include Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. She also performed in The Oscars Concert. It seems that Peyton Lee’s talents go on and on.

5. Peyton Elizabeth Lee is formally trained

Lee was already on her way to success prior to seeking formal training as an actress. At a young age she made appearances in a variety of commercials and a few television episodes. She received actress training at a few studios in LA, California is 2014. This was prior to being cast in the lead role of Andi Mack.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee will get plenty of air time on the new Disney series Andi Mack. It’s too soon to tell how successful that the show will be, but from all indications it looks like viewers are loving it. Who doesn’t love Disney teen shows that deal with timely subject matter? We think that Andi Mack has the right stuff to earn its place among other Disney greats such as Wizards of Waverly Place, which happens to be one of Peyton’s favorite shows.

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