Five Things You Didn’t Know about “For the People”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about “For the People”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about “For the People”

ABC is coming out with a new show this coming Thursday called For The People, a legal action drama that will showcase several new-to-the-courtroom prosecutors and public defenders that will go head to head with each while trying to maintain relationships that could fragment under the strain of such legal proceedings. The only downfall of this show that can be seen so far is that the public has seen so many legal shows at this point that they’ve begun to blur together slightly and become something that’s less than appealing any longer. It might break from the formulaic pattern that so many similar shows have utilized for so many years but until then it’s just another law show that depicts people doing what they must to get by and win their cases.

It could be something different if the creators would DO something different.

5. It’s following a very recognizable formula.

As it was mentioned above court shows have been seen for years. Law and Order and its subsequent spinoffs have dominated the scene for a lot of years and yet have never grown completely stale since they deal with more than just the law. It can be argued that they might very well do something different than any other show but it remains to be seen.

4. Each episode will be an hour long.

That gives sixty minutes for a conflict to build, reach a climax, and then find some sort of resolution or bleed into another episode. That’s fairly standard for such shows and could be why some folks aren’t putting a whole lot of stock in it just yet.

3. Relations between the characters will cause difficulties in their court interactions.

This is another standard part of a show like this that has to take place so that there’s enough drama to go around and to entice people to watch. Being on opposite sides of the courtroom will test the relationships of the defenders and prosecutors in a way that might be considered trivial outside the courtroom. But their ideologies would no doubt tend to keep them apart at times.

2. The older cast will be serving as a kind of guide for the younger actors.

In every show such as this the old guard, or the older actors, are the ones that are cast in order to keep the younger talent, their characters at least, in check. They’re the people that have been there the longest and know how to hand out opportunities and caution. The bad part is that they’re not listened to all the time as youth ends to trump better sense at times and as result leads to hard learning experiences.

1. So far it doesn’t seem like anything that might spark that much interest.

Right now the show just seems a bit too formulaic in its approach to be worth more than a glance, but it could turn around become something else. People will no doubt be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for at least one to two episodes. If it doesn’t entertain after that then it might be back to the drawing board.

Here’s hoping for the best.

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