Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Kassell

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Kassell

Nicole Kassell is an American film and TV director that’s been on the scene for a while and been doing increasingly more and more as she’s progressed in her career. Her resume is continually expanding as she takes on more and more jobs that allow her to showcase her talent and her passion for the work she does in different ways. At this time a lot of folks might not know enough about her but she’s making sure that changes with every project she takes on as she continues to do her very best and put everything she has into each feature.

Getting known sometimes isn’t as important as producing quality programming, but it’s a perk all the same.

5. She’ll be directing the pilot of HBO’s Watchmen.

It might take a dedicated fan of the comics and the movie to really understand why HBO would be bringing Watchmen back, but Kassell has been tapped to direct the pilot. This will be a real test of her abilities since the pilot episode is typically meant to impress those that have the final say on whether the show is a go or not. So if she puts as much into the pilot as she’s done throughout her career so far it should go well.

4. She made three short films while in school at NYU.

While studying at the Tisch School of Arts she made three short films, one of which was screened at the Sundance Film Festive in 2002. That speaks well for her productivity and her ability to get the attention of people that like her work. That alone should make her stand out among the many people that are trying to do the same thing and possibly get her more work for the effort.

3. She’s directed episodes of various TV shows.

She’s directed episodes for shows like The Closer, Cold Case, The Killing, and The Americans. It seems that she might have a real passion for darker stories that aren’t so easily resolved and require a good deal of thought. That’s pretty interesting really since it takes a far more cerebral thought process in order to make this really work.

2. The Woodsman was her first feature-length movie.

She managed to get Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon on board, two big names that could possibly make or break a movie. It’s about a child molester that upon being released back into society deals with social prejudice and the uncertainty as to whether he’ll be able to control his darker urges. It might seem like a very dark movie and it really is but it also shows a different viewpoint that many people wouldn’t be interested in, but is a part of cinema all the same.

1. She’s adapted an Arthur Miller play that’s currently in pre-production. 

She’s bring the play A Ride Down Mt. Morgan to the big screen and it’s going to have an all-star cast with Diane Keaton, Emily Blunt, and Michael Douglas. Douglas is also the executive producer for the film.

She seems like she’s going the right way to get more and more attention.

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