Five Things You Didn’t Know about Matthew Hussey

If you are a fan of good-looking men who are obviously more than capable of catering to a woman’s needs from an emotional perspective, you probably already know who Matthew Hussey is. If you have long believed that such a man doesn’t even exist, you might be scratching your head right now, wondering who this person even is. Obviously, it has already been confirmed that he is good looking. With that being said, who is he and what is he all about? To give you a short synopsis, he is a British author, coach and TV star who is now living in the United States. Below are five things that you may or may not already know about him.

1. He and Camila Cabello are a pair

If you are familiar with singer Camila Cabello, you probably have a better than average idea of who he is. This is because the two of them are now dating. While they are choosing to keep their relationship private, there are more than a few individuals that are speculating that this could potentially be something serious. Of course, there is plenty of speculation to run rampant when it comes to talking about celebrities in any capacity. Since they are choosing to stay silent about the seriousness of the relationship, the only thing anyone else can do is speculate.

2. He started working at a young age

It was clear early on the Hussey was going to be an entrepreneur in one capacity or another. He started working while he was still a teenager. While that fact alone is impressive enough, the field he chose made the impressiveness of his decision even more so. As opposed to working at what many people would refer to as a “regular job,” where he would go to work for an hourly salary and be under the direct supervision of someone else, he chose to strike out on his own and display his entrepreneurial capabilities right off the bat.

3. His career path is rather interesting

When he started working as a teenager, he became a life coach. It’s fairly safe to say that there aren’t very many teenagers anywhere in the world that choose a life coach as their first job. The most impressive thing was that he was successful at it. Today, you might consider him a life coach in the field of dating, as that is where he places his expertise. He is immensely successful and has demonstrated quite well that he is good at his job.

4. He seems to understand love better than most

Perhaps Hussey is so good at his job because he understands love on a deeper level than many other people do. He just seems to have more insight in this particular area than most people. Whatever the reason, he has made it his life’s endeavor, working as a dating coach, writing a book on the matter and serving as a reality TV personality in a show related to love. Obviously, his goal is to help other people find happiness by finding that special someone, as well as keeping existing relationships alive. Thanks to his skill and passion on the subject, he has become a best-selling author.

5. He writes for Cosmo magazine

In addition to being a best-selling author, he also writes a regular column for Cosmo magazine. As you might have already guessed, the column talks about relationships. Clearly, this is something Hussey is very passionate about. Thanks to his efforts, many people that might not have otherwise found love can now safely say that they have done so and they are very happy.

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