Five Things You Didn’t Know About Liz Meriwether

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Liz Meriwether

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Liz Meriwether

Liz Meriweather is an American writer and producer who is known for bringing us “New Girl,” “No Strings Attached” and “Twilight Cycles.” She’s a brilliant playwright and screenwriter who has delivered high, particularly in the eyes of “New Girl” fans who anxiously await any news of what she’s going to do next. The one peculiarity about hit shows is that although due credit is given to the writers and showrunners, fans who are caught up in the drama don’t always consider how the shows that hey enjoy are created and how much the writers contribute to their entertainment. Here are five things about Liz Meriwether than you probably didn’t know.

Meriwether likes to pursue the taboo

Elizabeth Meriweather is a talented writer and part of her creativity stems from her fascination with pursuing what can and can’t be talked about. She is edgy and likes to push the dialogue to the limits of what is considered to be acceptable. I discussing her new play, “Oliver Parker,” she observes that there were things in that time period which were taboo topics and could not be discussed. She compared it with modern day and the fact that there is little that isn’t talked about in society right now. The job of a writer is to keep the script within what would have been acceptable in the time period of the play or film but she is all about exploring how far it can be taken.

She has a mischievous streak

This goes hand in hand with Meriwether’s exploration of how far she can push boundaries. Elizabeth likes to go just a little beyond what she probably should to satisfy her inherent need to be up to mischief. She has a colorful and creative imagination and so far, it’s brought her a decent level of success. She seems to know just how much she can get away with while staying within the sphere of good taste.

She is married

For any of you who are wondering about Elizabeth Meriwether’s current availability, you’re just a little too late. She has only been married once and her nuptuals were recent. She married Alex Cuthbertson on June 11, 2016. The couple are still newlyweds having been legally hitched for a little over a year. There are no children yet and the two aren’t disclosing whether they plan to have children or not.

Elizabeth Meriwether is all about promoting women

She recently shared her viewpoint on how women are perceived both in film and in real life. It seems that the ladies are either characterized as being one way or another without giving them credit for being many things at the same time. She has asked the serious question, “why can’t women be everything at once?” It is possible for a woman to be intelligent, yet love to party, or be slutty and still fall in love and be committed to one man.

She has an ivy league education

Meriwether’s legal name is Elizabeth Hughes Meriweather and she goes by her given name. She was born in Miami, Florida in 1981. She attended Yale University and has written the books “Heddatron: A Play” and “Nicky Goes Goth: A Dark Comedy.”

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