10 Things You Didn’t Know about Faye Marsay

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Faye Marsay

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Faye Marsay

Looking at her filmography all by itself you might think that Faye Marsay hasn’t done much in her career, but then you look to her TV and stage credits and you find out that she’s actually done quite a bit. The three movies that she’s managed to gain a role in don’t do her career justice at this point as far as showing what she’s done and what she’s capable of, but the truth is that she’s more than a little talented, especially given the roles she’s taken so far and the great job she’s done with many of them. She’s kind of like a surprise that you don’t see coming, and the best part is that in all honesty she’s a woman that enjoys her job and is just trying to do her very best, not someone who is actively trying to win awards and impress a wide array of people. Well, she might be trying to do both of those really, but she doesn’t make it her driving goal. She just happens to love what she’s doing and is glad to be where she’s at.

Here are some other things you might not have known about her.

10. She comes from a working-class background.

Her mother is a secretary and her father, along with a lot of her other family, is a steelworker and a firefighter. Faye comes from very humble origins and has never been ultra-rich but has managed to acclimate to the life of an actor very well. It’s not something her family discouraged but it is something that doesn’t seem to run in the family.

9. She never expected to be famous.

She thought that she might do a part here and there and wait years in between for a call to audition for another part, not that she would be picked up and cast over and over in various roles that she manages to play so beautifully. If you watch her it’s almost as though she doesn’t really need to act, she simply steps into the part and lets her natural charm do the rest according to what the role demands.

8. Acting seemed like a passing fancy at one point.

Faye never had the drive to act before but managed to see a film that caught her fancy and even left behind what was the beginning of her inspiration. People come to the stage in many different ways, be it from an innate desire to perform or just a hint that they might be able to do it with a bit of skill. But most of them are welcome additions to the set that picks them and are surprised to find that they can do it without that much effort.

7. She’s not all that active on Twitter.

Faye might get on to talk about what movie is coming out or what show but she doesn’t really care to do much more than that. She admits that social media kind of intimidates her and is not something she’ll actively enjoy. That’s a first really.

6. She has a part on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans will know what the waif is all about since she tormented Arya to no end when she attempting to learn from Jaquen H’ghar. The waif absolutely hated Arya and did her best to make sure the daughter of House Stark was made to suffer. The final battle between the two of them was long and rather brutal with the waif playing the part of the cat in their little game. The only problem was that she thought was chasing a mouth, but found a wolf waiting in the dark.

5. She doesn’t like talking about herself.

This is what a lot of stars say but Faye honestly does not like talking about her accomplishments or about herself in any way that builds herself up too much as she doesn’t have too much of an ego and doesn’t want one. She comes from simple folk and wants to keep it that way.

4. She and her family are big football (soccer) fans.

The one thing you don’t argue about in England or many parts of the world is what to call the sport of soccer. In America we might call it soccer simply because labeling two sports with the same title is kind of confusing. But calling it soccer in England might just get you in a spot of trouble.

3. She has a part in McMafia

She plays the sister of the main character, who is bound to inherit the mobster lifestyle of his father, who is attempting to get the family out of the business. Of course with any mob the problem doesn’t lie in getting into it, it lies in the getting out part.

2. She had a part in The Darkest Hour

Her part in this film isn’t horribly large but it’s enough to say that she was in it and that as a result she was a part of history being preserved on screen.

1. She’s had a very prominent stage career.

Her stage credits actually dwarf her movie credits and are about even with her TV appearances. It would seem that she has a rather big affinity for the stage, though there’s no doubt she fancies getting back to the big screen or the small screen now and again.

She’s one to watch, there’s no doubt of that.

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