Five Things You Didn’t Know About Laura Zilli

When fame strikes a family, it can literally send ripples that would not otherwise be experienced. This is definitely the case when it comes to celebrity chefs. Until the rise of reality television and social media, the term celebrity chef didn’t exist. You had chefs who were renown; however, it is likely that you would not even know who they look. With the rise of instant media and reality TV, chefs have created an entire pop culture. One such chef is Aldo Zilli, and the recent marriage of his daughter has the internet buzzing. So, who is Laura Zilli?

Here are five facts about Aldo’s daughter that will help familiarize you with a person you will likely hear a lot about in the coming days.

1. She Is a Model

This is not a young lady who is interested in riding her father’s fame throughout her life. She has taken the leverage of access to the media created by her father’s celebrity and forged her own niche in the world of media. From the looks of things, she is taking her nack for fashion in the kitchen – more on that later.

2. She Recently Married Producer Nick Gold

Aldo Zilli has become known as the chef to the stars, but he has become a star in his own right. Now he gets to proudly watch his beautiful daughter blaze new trails as she hammers out her own career. Laura recently married music producer, Nick Gold. The two were married in a beach wedding on Miami Beach. While it was a private ceremony, the wedding was exposed to public viewership. The two make a gorgeous couple.

3. She Is Her Father’s Only Child from His First Marriage

Laura is Aldo’s firstborn and the only child he had with his first wife, Jan Zilli. He does have to other children with his current wife Nikki – daughter Twiggy, 10, and son Rocco, 12. The huge difference in age between Laura and her siblings means that she grew up as an only child, which also means she is likely to be spoiled in certain ways, especially when observing how Aldo dotes over her.

4. She is Currently Expanding Her Horizons

While she has established herself as a fashion model, there is so much more to Laura, as viewers and fans are about to see. It appears that she has picked up a lot from her father as it pertains to cooking and she is parlaying that into a new venture. She has a new show in which she plans on showing women not only how to get down in the kitchen but how to look good while doing it. While fashion has never been a prerequisite for my vittles, this should definitely be nice.

5. She Is An Author

Laura has written a book called High-Class Cooker, which also happens to be the name of her new show. She says that the book was partly inspired by the fact that she is the only one in her group of friends that knows how to cook and it drives her insane. She is hoping to inspire a new generation to not only learn how cook but to look good while doing it.

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