Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Kratt Brothers

Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Kratt Brothers

Five Things You Didn’t Know about The Kratt Brothers

Just about anyone with young children knows about The Kratt Brothers as they have hosted some acclaimed children’s TV shows that focus on understanding and appreciating wildlife. Now, thanks to the show “Wild Alaska Live” animal lovers of all ages are going wild for this show and are wondering who are these guys anyway? Yes, we can see what the wildlife journalists do for a living, reporting from all sorts of interesting and sometimes potentially dangerous places, but what about the hosts? How did they get this super fun gig? To find out how they got to be hosts of Wild Alaska Live, a peek into their background is warranted. Here are five things you didn’t know about The Kratt Brothers.

Jersey Boys

Yes, Chris and Martin Kratt are from Jersey. They were born and raised in Warren Township, NJ. Their grandfather manufactured musical instruments. From a young age, The Kratt Brothers were both interested in nature and wildlife. The brothers did plenty of exploring in their own backyard as well as family camping trips to Vermont.

More than TV Hosts

These guys are more than nature’s spokesmodels–they are each educated in their respective science fields. Martin earned a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Duke University and Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Carleton College in Minnesota. They speak with authority about animals as they studied them. The fact that they have engaging personalities is a plus.

The Kratt Brothers Have Been Working Together For a While

In 1990, Martin and Chris co- founded the Earth Creature Company, with the purpose of using nature to educate and entertain. They made the rounds of different venues and performed at Dollywood Amusement park in 2008, performing their “Creature Adventures” live show. While still in school they broke out the video cameras and started filming. When starting out they did school tours where they did nature demonstrations to learn what kids liked and what they found boring. The Kratt brothers also have a passion for educating, so classroom kids were their best audience.

TV Shows and Awards

Forming their own production company, The Kratt Brothers Company, Martin and Chris Kratt write and produce their own shows. In case you have never heard of “Zoboomafoo” or “Be the Creature those are Kratt productions. They are most famous for “Wild Kratts” which has been nominated in 2012, 2013, and 2014 for Daytime Emmy Awards and have received rave reviews for their fun approach to educational children’s’ programming. “Wild Kratts” is not only fun but also delivers a science lesson on topics like chemistry (skunk spray) gravity (bird flight) and natural facts about other earth creatures and how they survive in the wild.

Family Life

Both brothers live with their families in Ottowa, Canada. Both brothers are married and have kids of their own. Chris’ two sons Aiden and Nolan have guest starred on their programs. Martin has two sons who have also appeared on “Wild Kratts”. The kids are part of the production team and come up with excellent ideas for the show. They each are family centered and love including the kids in their work.

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