Five Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Lee

Katie Lee is an American chef, cookbook author, and novelist. She’s been active in the food industry for a while and has been seen to promote healthy living as well during her many TV appearances. As of now she is a co-host for The Kitchen on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel’s Beach Bites with Katie Lee. She’s become quite the TV personality and is usually seen to be quite popular wherever she shows up.

She’s a very skilled woman to be honest.

5. She was married to Billy Joel for five years.

There’s no real reason given why they separated but at their wedding Joel’s daughter with his ex Christie Brinkley was their flower girl. For some people that might have seemed like kind of an edgy thing to do but that doesn’t seem like it would have contributed to anything. Celebrity marriages seem to go through a lot more stress than others since they’re constantly in the spotlight.

4. She’s been a recurring guest on Beat Bobby Flay.

This show is kind of fun to watch really since there’s an actual chance that Bobby Flay could lose. On the Iron Chef he seemed almost unstoppable since he was in his element and knew about a dozen recipes it seemed for every main ingredient that was given. But considering that she’s been on more than once it’s safe to assume she’s been a judge rather than a contestant.

3. She released her first novel in 2011.

There’s no word on how many novels she’s written at this point since the other books she’s written are cookbooks and don’t get lumped into the same category. But the first novel was titled Groundswell and was about a woman who found the healing power of surfing when dealing with a rather difficult divorce. It sounds like an inspirational piece really, maybe worth the read.

2. She hosted the first season of Top Chef on Bravo.

Apparently there wasn’t a great reaction to her so she was replaced with Padma Lakshmi. She would return at one point however during Top Chef All Stars in episode 2 as a judge. She didn’t seem to harbor any ill will towards the show, which is to be kind of expected. Things happen all the time on such networks and the producers have to go with those that garner a more positive response from the viewers. There’s not a lot of explanation why she wasn’t that well-received however.

1. She helped to create a short-lived foodie site in 2005. 

The site was titled and it lasted just over a year since it was brought up in July of 2005 and ceased operating as of September 2006. There was no real reason given why it went down, but it had to be lack of traffic or something similar since websites that are popular enough don’t just go out of business for much else. It really seems that a few things that Lee has done have only lasted so long before she’s been forced to move on.

Hopefully her novels are doing well.

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