Five Things You Didn’t Know about Julian Simpson

Julian Simpson is an English director that thus far has done a fair amount of projects and should be quite content with a career that’s seen a number of success. However like a lot of directors he’s always seeking a way to up his game and find a new way to increase the efficiency of his movies. That’s understandable, bu the way he seems to go about it is rather demanding and less than appreciative it would seem. Directors are usually wise to realize that they need to depend on those around them, including the actors. If they don’t, then the entire production might as well halt.

Humility is sometimes the best idea even for those in charge.

5. He’s directed for Dr. Who.

That’s a feather in any director’s cap, and it’s really impressive for anyone that can claim it. Simpson has been on course for a successful career now for a bit and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. His resume is growing as he continues to work but it would seem that he has some issues with the cast members he works with. That might need to be remedied.

4. He’s a hard guy to get along with.

A lot of directors can claim this characteristic but Simpson seems to stand in a class by himself. His Twitter rants alone make him seem like one of the hardest guys to get to know and one of the most obstinate to work with. It’s not in a lot of people’s natures to really kowtow to a director when they want something, but with Simpson it seems like people have to walk on eggshells.

3. He doesn’t often think much of his cast.

Once again all you need to do is look at his Twitter account and see what he thinks of his actors trying to rewrite the script. He really doesn’t seem to think they contribute anything other than being a part of HIS production. That’s not exactly the attitude you need to have when speaking of the people that are making YOUR script come to life.

2. He’s kind of an elitist.

He’s good at the game, he knows how to write a script and he knows how to read one. The errors that are so common happen, but he doesn’t seem to care. That’s a mark of bad penmanship apparently, and he can’t stand for it. Even with the fact that he reads hundreds of scripts it pays to be just a little bit humble so as to not alienate oneself from others that might have a good idea but not a lot of experience with screenwriting.

1. He’s got a big ego.

Once again it’s a trait that many directors seem to have. Others tend to keep their ego’s in check though for the sake of the film and the crew. It doesn’t pay to get a big head when you’re trying to create a production that depends on so many people. If you want them to work for you then you need to work with them.

Give Simpson some credit though, he has been growing as a person.


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