Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jordan Fisher

“Dancing with the Stars” has announced that one of your favorite heart-throbs, Jordan Fisher, is signed on to compete in the 25th season when the show returns on September 18. Jordan, who is 23, first came to our attention for his part in Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie. In 2016 he was undeniably the breakout star of Fox’s Grease Live and made his Broadway début in Hamilton. Fisher is a darling of Instagram and the one to watch in 2017.

Here are five things you didn’t know about him.

1. He was spotted by a Disney Scout.

Although he could have been a gymnast he got involved with acting to try to get the attention of a girl he had developed a crush on. His performance in the school play showcased his talent for acting and musical theater. This was spotted by his fifth grade teacher who encouraged him to join a local theater company. He was spotted by a Disney talent scout when he was in the youth program of Red Mountain Theatre Company. Disney went on to offer him a contract and the rest as they say is history.

2. He has a career as an R &B musician

The rising star has a big R&B music career ahead of him. Fischer signed with Hollywood Records in 2015. His single “All about Us” is included on his EP and he has hinted on Instagram of the release of his first album shortly. Fischer is an incredibly talented musician and plays a total of six instruments including guitar, piano and French horn. We all fell in love with his haunting voice and infectious charm on Grease Live which helped to kick-start his musical successes.

3. He is a gamer and anime geek.

Despite his celebrity status Jordan is actually a bit of a nerd and admits to being a gamer and a sucker for anime. On his twitter page he describes himself as a gamer and an anime fiend. He claims not to have grown out of his Pokemon face. He did voice-over and motion capture for Matthew in the video game “Until Dawn”.

4. He is adopted.

Jordan comes from humble beginnings. He was born to a sixteen year old single mother and was raised by his maternal grandparents. As his biological mother struggled with addiction issues he was legally adopted by his grandparents. He describes them as legally and in his heart, mind and soul-simply his parents.

5. He is a philanthropist.

We can’t imagine you need another reason to fall more in love with the hot young star but we also love this down to earth star because he’s such a positive youth role model. He is undoubtedly an all around good guy with a passion for philanthropy. He’s an ambassador for GenerationON, an organization which promotes youth volunteering. He spent time in Ecuador where he helped build a school in a remote village as a Disney VoluntEAR. He speaks fondly and humbly of his time, where he learned about the culture and put in long hours of hard work. He also volunteered at the LA Food Bank, at a Children’s Hospital in LA and was involved in a Humane Society campaign.

Check Fisher out in the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” this September.

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