Five Things You Didn’t Know about Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley is an English actress, model, activist, and author that has recently been named as the new Bafta awards host, replacing the longstanding host Stephen Fry and becoming the first female host of the awards since 2001. This kind of honor is a big deal as it’s believed that Lumley will take the awards to a new height that’s it been ready for and could possibly be the best thing that’s happened to the Bafta’s in a long time. Her deep involvement with the entertainment industry and her main other contributions to her country and people should be able to grant her the needed experience and acumen to become a valuable asset in such a position.

After all she’s done a great deal in the time she’s spent in the spotlight, this could be another chance to do something just as wonderful.

5. She was a Bond girl at one time.

This is something she is very proud of and there’s a good reason since being a Bond girl, even though her role didn’t last terribly long, carries a very big level of distinction among actresses. It’s not just that she was good-looking enough to play the role, it’s the fact that this has made her a part of the culture and forever recognized as one of the many faces that helped the franchise to work. Plus she’s a big Bond fan.

4. She went into modeling after failing an audition.

Apparently she was told that she was too fat and too ugly. Having seen pictures of her from back in the day I’m inclined to believe that the people back then were looking for an ideal in women that was almost impossible to find. Lumley wasn’t as exotic as some women but she was far from ugly. Thankfully she didn’t allow this to deter her and pushed forward with her career until she reached where she’s at now.

3. She was the spokeswoman for the Ghurkas in 2009.

Her father was involved with the 6th Ghurka Rifles, a regiment of the British Indian Army, so it’s not much of a surprise that she would have something to do with the group at some point in her life. She had a big part in making certain that those Ghurkas attempting to settle in England had a much easier time of it and were allowed to join the community.

2. She has an honorary doctorate from St. Andrews.

She has a couple of honorary doctorates in fact, and that’s impressive because no one just hands those out without a good reason. Her work in the community and in the entertainment industry has been noticed quite often and has made her a very rich and very influential personality. Obviously she’s done enough that her intelligence has been noted as well.

1. She is an activist for animal rights.

Lumley is a vegetarian and is a staunch defender of animal rights. While this might put her at odds with some people she sticks by her beliefs and is adamant about her stance on animal cruelty and other such harmful practices.

She’s a rather interesting individual.

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