Five Things You Didn’t Know About Goran Bogdan

Naturally, the vast majority of Hollywood stars come from western nations such as the United States, Canada, and England. Unfortunately, this can lead many to believe that acting is a profession that only attracts talent in these areas. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, individuals from every corner of the globe have demonstrated remarkable acting talent. Sometimes, exposure through a major North American production is required to achieve recognition.

This may be true of the remarkable talent that is Goran Bogdan. A Croatian actor, Bogdan’s career, while highly successful, has recently seen a huge upswing with his role in Fargo. As many people are only now beginning to recognize this performer for his impressive abilities, many of his fans may not know a great deal about him as a person. Here are five interesting facts about Goran Bogdan to illuminate his inspiring character and background.

5. He has worked hard to hone his skills

Anyone who has seen his performance in Fargo as Yuri Gurka will understand that Bogdan is a highly entertaining and convincing actor. However, his work is not merely the result of natural talent. Instead, he has invested quite a bit of time and effort into developing his skills to the degree he shows today.

In Croatia, Bogdan studied at and graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. This school, located in Zagreb, is partly responsible for the wonderful performances that have earned Bogdan critical and commercial success.

4. He has done work outside television and film 

Unsurprisingly, just about everyone who knows Bogdan associates him with his work in television and film. However, the Croatian star has also taken his talents into other media. Perhaps most notably, Bogdan once appeared in a music video. He had a role in a video for Maja Posavec.

Posavec is a highly accomplished musician and actor who also happened to study at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. As is to be expected, the combination of such formidable talents on a single project was a wise decision.

3. He has appeared in many productions

Bogdan, although known in North America largely for his recent roles, has actually had an extremely busy career. In fact, since 2005, he has appeared in over 40 productions. With such a prolific presence in film and television, it is no mystery as to how he has become such a refined and successful actor.

2. His entire life has not been devoted to acting

It may come as a surprise to some, but Bogdan has pursued interests outside of entertainment. Naturally, one would assume a performer with such an impressive career to have devoted his entire life to the craft. Instead, Bogdan previously used his intelligence and dedication to earn a degree from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb. Although it is always a pleasure to know that a fan-favorite is also intelligent and educated, it is certainly a relief to his fans that he decided to pursue acting instead of business.

1. His life has been affected by war

While he did not directly suffer injury or trauma, the 1991 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia did have a significant impact on his career. He has stated that during this time, when he was quite young, he witnessed his friends suffering great losses. As well, his family was forced to live in an exiled zone that was safe from the violence of the war.

These experiences, he has explained, were instrumental in his portrayal of Milan in The Last Panthers. Although his life was quite different than the one he was portraying, he was able to use his experiences in a war to provide an authentic and moving performance.

Final Thoughts

International actors can sometimes fly under the radar in North America. Luckily, with prominent roles in recent years, Goran Bogdan was risen to new heights of popularity. This has provided the talented actor with a better platform from which to share his talents with audiences. In addition, it provides his fans with the opportunity to learn more about who he is as a person. Bogdan’s life has been filled with struggle, triumph, education, and hard work. All of his prior experiences, good and bad alike, have contributed to form the impressive career he has forged.

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