Who In The World Is Cassidy Boon?

In a simple explanation Cassidy Boon, if that’s even her real name, is the answer to the question ‘How do you become universally hated on the internet?’. Honestly you might think that someone like Kanye West or even one of the Kardashians would take that title, but Boon is the kind of individual that seems capable of finding that one unifying thread that has, just for a moment, united hardcore feminists and ultra conservatives and everyone in-between together for a single, concentrated moment of rage. The sad part is that she seems to be all satire and nothing else, though trying to tell this to people thus far has been kind of a daunting task. When writing for The Daily Dot, Ryan Scott managed to find out that a lot of what she posts, and there are a good number of them, are subjects that are fairly insane and are definitely capable of pissing off just about anyone and everyone that reads them.

Honestly, here are just a few of the hashtags she decided to post:

Vegemite is racist because it’s black.

Seriously? That would mean that a variety of foods are racist as well and have been since, y’know, they were first seen to grow in the wilds. So nature must be inherently racist it would seem. Who knew?

The Maori Haka glorifies rape and domestic violence.

If a person was to read the literal translation of a haka they might actually laugh at this since quite honestly it sounds a lot less fierce when it’s put into English. That being said there’s nothing remotely racist about this song or even all that violent.

Refusing to have sex with a woman is rape.

If your brain just shut down because of this one welcome to the club since honestly men are now living in world where being male is an inherited Catch-22, if this were even remotely true.

Inside Out is racist because there aren’t any black emotions.

Wouldn’t that be labeled as despair or depression? Plus, that doesn’t seem like it would be a core emotion, but something that one of the emotions would experience and thereby pass on to Riley. Also, the colors red, purple, yellow, blue and green as representations of the emotions. Did you happen to see a white one in there? Me neither.

Harley Quinn should be plus-sized.

Yeah, um, no. Considering the fact that Harley Quinn is a capable acrobat and is pretty active this doesn’t seem like it would fly. No offense intended, but a plus-sized woman dressing up as Harley Quinn is fine and perfectly acceptable, but when they can perform some of the movements that Quinn is capable of in the movies and possibly in the comics, then it might be time to talk about this.

Jurassic World is transphobic.

The lack of any transgender dinosaurs must be a real triggering thing for people these days considering it’s so unfair that a fictional movie with fictional creatures that never existed can’t be who they feel they are inside. If you can’t see the sarcasm oozing between the words you might need to check your sense of humor.

Deadpool’s sense of humor is troubling.

I think ‘duh’ about covers it. That’s why so many people like him after all.

Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t deserve to be a woman.

This is controversial to say the least since one side might fully agree and the other side might fly into a sudden rage that makes the Hulk look like a hissing kitten by comparison.

Star Wars is sexist.

So who typically looks at a red lightsaber and thinks of a woman’s time of the month? Anyone? Didn’t think so, nor is it likely to think that anyone thinks there’s a shortage of strong and capable women in the Star Wars universe. Apart from the movies there have been quite a few strong female characters in the franchise, all a person needs to do is read a book.

And here’s the best one that’s set just about everyone against her, she decided to sue a man that she alleges raped her after saving her from drowning. It shouldn’t be funny, but Boon has set a serious fire running throughout the internet by making a YouTube video as a means of doubling down on this satirical story after printing it and letting people get a hold of it. The whole thing goes that she was going swimming, she bumped her head, and was sinking to the bottom when a man came along and grabbed her and saved her life. The fictional story gets better when she goes on to state that he dared to put his hands on her and while a small part of her was grateful to be alive, the rest of her was screaming on the inside because he’d ‘raped’ her.

So really, if you want to know who Cassidy Boon is you’re not likely to find a lot of information unless you’re willing to go digging deep enough to get good and dirty, but if you want the opinion of the internet, she’s the woman that successfully pissed off just about everyone with this story of a false rape accusation that has led many people to thinking she’d have been better off being left in the water. It takes a truly deluded individual to bump their ratings with this level of misinformation.

She’s had her 15 minutes, she’s done.

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