Five Things You Didn’t Know about Diesel Brothers: Trucked Out

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Diesel Brothers: Trucked Out

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Diesel Brothers: Trucked Out

Since the advent of the discovery channel as an entertainment show in 1985, the TV show roster was rather redundant and yet educational at the same time. With the advent of various equally top notch TV channels such as National Geographic, the show has been available to improve their show rosters to suit the needs of various viewers. An excellent example would be TV shows such as the diesel brothers, which has been customized with various entertainment themes for vehicle enthusiasts all over the world.

In particular, purchasing diesel trucks to be taken to the scrap heap and providing them with a new lease on life has been converted into something of a business for the Diesel brothers. The entire cast is Led by Heavy D and diesel Dave, as the crew tries to work hard and play harder, to rejuvenate the truck for use in legitimate stunts and pranks as well. All of these, are then used as marketing tools on social media, with the show attracting a significant number as when compared to the conventional car shows on similar channels. With millions of hits later, the company is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for diesel car lovers, who want custom vehicles, pranks, and hilarious entertainment scenes as well.

Here are some of the five things you didn’t know about the diesel brothers trucked out:

1. They are not brothers

While some of the cast members on the show look somewhat alike, they are only brothers when it comes to tackling projects and the close nature of their friendships. In fact, `Diesel Dave` and `Heavy D`, are the ones who started a basic shop for all types of vehicles and introducing to other individuals to assist them with their projects. More so, the unique nature of their banter and elaborate pranks constitutes a large portion of the show’s theme.

2. They receive crazy requests and responses

If you visit their Diesel brothers social media pages, you will come across various types of comments and requests from their followers all over the world. In fact, a significant portion of the comments are often from users who want to qualify themselves for a receiving a free truck for the cast of the show. Additionally, a significant number of the cast members of the show are also trying to make special requests for other individuals who have broken trucks that need to be rejuvenated as well. Some are often giving ideas for pranks.

3. The show owes much of its success to Facebook

When `Heavy D` and `Diesel`, want to start their business, they saw using social media as an important aspect of evolving their business. In fact, their business initially started out as trucks for sale company and has since then evolved to become one of the highest rated car TV shows in the history of the discovery channel.

4. The diesel brothers give away free trucks

Yes, its true, the diesel brothers giving away trucks or vehicles is not a scam. Having said that, to win their highly customized trucks, one would have to enroll in the sweepstakes program In order to win. In fact, simply sending them a message of social media will not be sufficient since the show often receives millions of requests from viewers all over the world.

5. The diesel brothers are developing their brand

For those who love the show, you can easily get any Diesel Brothers souvenir from the website or their main shop. Whether you want a free t-shirt, accessory clothing or even customized car tires. In fact, they also have Read Beard Bay Rum beard care kit, which can be used for to achieve the Red Beard look.

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