Alex Rodriquez Loses Batting Contest to 22-Month-Old Prodigy

It takes a big man to admit losing a batting contest to a 22-month old prodigy, but Alex Rodriguez proves that he can be that big of a man. That was pretty cute to be honest. The kid looked like he had no idea what was going on but come on, that’s a big crowd and he likely was just wondering when he would get to hit the ball. Wouldn’t you if you were that old and were brought into a big, lit-up place after being told by your dad why you were there? I kind of doubt that he even knew who Alex Rodriguez was but he was certainly ready to hit those balls.

Ever notice that kids that are able to perform this way when they’re this young either go on to become one of the greatest in their field later on or tend to burn out quickly? My hope for this kid would be that if he continues to love doing this that his parents would support him and push him just enough to keep that interest and love for the sport. But if it’s not his thing after a few years then it’d be important to let him move on and try new things that could hold his interest and let him decide just what he wants to do with his time.

I know my own parents firmly believe that sports can keep kids on the right path and occupied to the degree that they learn discipline, respect, both for themselves and others, and a strong sense of teamwork that’s important for most sports. At this point in life I’d firmly agree that sports are a great way to keep kids on the right path so long as they’re not pushed too hard. Some would argue that not pushing hard enough would allow a kid to lose focus and thus lose the drive they have for a sport. But pushing too hard can make it less fun and less enjoyable, which a sport should be in my opinion. If you can’t love what you’re doing then what’s the point? If that happens then it’s just become a job, and unless you’re passionate about your job it becomes a grind that doesn’t bring any sort of pleasure.

Take writing, just as the closest example at the moment. I love to write, I live to write, and it’s my job. It’s as easy as breathing and gives me great enjoyment. I would hope that this kid in the video would grow up to love baseball and see himself as the next major league athlete for whatever team he got picked by. If you don’t have love for what you’re doing then it’s become pointless and you should move on. Finding joy in what you do is important, and doing what you can to keep that joy is tantamount to success. The longer you can do what you love and do it well, the more success you’ll have in life and the happier you’ll be overall. Most times anyway.

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