Five Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte Flair

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte Flair

Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, commonly known by her ring name Charlotte Flair, is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion on the WWE network. She is the daughter of Ric Flair — who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame twice and is commonly regarded as the best professional wrestler of all time. And the apple didn’t fall far from the proverbial tree. Charlotte Flair has had a celebrated career in wrestling, performing many unprecedented feats in the ring. Her stage presence is great too — she fights dirty, and isn’t ashamed to admit it.

But Flair is more than just beauty and brawn — she has achieved a lot in her life, both inside and outside of the ring. If you want to get to know this Diva on a more personal level, read on to learn about Five Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte Flair:

She First Appeared on a Wrestling Show at 13

The first time Fliehr made an appearance on the small screen was on a May 2000 episode of Monday Nitro, a segment on now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW). She was included in a vignette that featured Vince Russo, David Flair, and Daffney (ring name) invading their home, trying to confront her father. Even at 13 years old, the future Charlotte Flair had the same kind of attitude as she does now — which is evident in the look of pure disgust she gives Russo during their argument.

She’s a Volleyball Champion

Before she was queen of the ring, Charlotte Flair played a mean game of volleyball. In fact, during her time attending Providence High School, she won the North Carolina High School Athletic Association 4A state championship for volleyball. Twice. From 2004 to 2005, she also assumed the role of team captain, and was even made player of the year!

She’s the Only Wrestler to Have Held All Three Women’s Titles

Her presence in the ring and skill as a performer has definitely led to her being one of the more popular female wrestlers. Plus, she has won the NXT Women’s, SmackDown Women’s, and Raw Women’s titles — a feat not accomplished by any other participant. Plus, she also held the Divas Championship. The latter has since been retired.

She’s a Movie Actress

That’s right: the championship-winning Charlotte Flair made her movie debut in Psych: The Movie. This was shot as a follow-up to the popular USA Network dramedy, Psych. In this movie, Charlotte Flair played Heather Rockrear — a pretty solid choice, as this role reflects her previous work on WWE. Rockrear is the awesome sidekick of the main villain, Thin White Duke. The movie, though it went straight-to-TV, received positive reviews from critics and holds a high percentile score on Rotten Tomatoes.

She’s Educated

Charlotte Flair has beauty and strength — not to mention brains. She originally attended Appalachian State University, and elected to transfer to North Carolina State University. From here, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in public relations. Plus, prior to becoming a professional wrestler she decided to become a certified personal trainer. This woman has talent in the ring and on camera, and clearly outside of the ring and WWE altogether.

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