Five Things You Didn’t Know about Bravo’s “Bethenny & Fredrik”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Bravo’s “Bethenny & Fredrik”

Bravo has some of the best real estate shows, including Million Dollar Listings and Yours, Mine or Ours. They have just added yet another show to their repertoire called Bethenny & Fredrik. It has been called Will & Grace with a reality real estate backdrop, with the show focusing on Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund as they search for, purchase, redesign, and flip some gorgeous, multi-million-dollar homes. This show debuted on February 6th on Bravo and is already off to a pretty strong start. You will be able to catch the first two episodes back-to-back if you watch Bravo within the week. Before you start watching the show, however, you should learn about these Five Things You Didn’t Know about Bethenny & Fredrik.

They Were Both Quite Successful Before This Show

You may know Bethenny Frankel from her time on The Real Housewives of New York City. However, you might not know that she is an incredibly successful entrepreneur. She started her business with Skinnygirl Cocktails, which soon became the Skinnygirl lifestyle empire. Fredrik Eklund is successful in his own right, as one of the top real estate entrepreneurs of the last decade. He has even brought in billions in revenue during his work throughout the past eleven years. Thus, they both bring heaps of experience to the table — along with their strong personalities.

They Make Each Other Laugh

Though the pair’s strong personalities lead them to conflict somewhat frequently, they still always manage to make each other laugh. In one interview, Bethenny called Fredrik a “clown” — but in a good way, referring to his humor. Even in a huge fight, they have no problem ending it with laughter. Their ability to brush off arguments and work through their differences is a great quality for the pair, especially as they are in business together. It could also mean that Bethenny & Fredrik could be on the air for a while.

The Show Was Pitched by Bethenny

Bethenny & Fredrik was almost an accident. The two were already working on real estate, and decided that they should start their own show due to the comedic nature of their work together. So, it wasn’t some high-level executive at Bravo who decided it should happen. Instead, Bethenny just called them up one day and told them to bring cameras. They started filming soon afterwards. In Bethenny’s own words, the show just “happened”.

The Show Will Offer a Brand-New Vibe

This is one of the first shows to call itself a “reality sitcom”. According to Bethenny, it steers far away from the “cookie cutter, formulaic television” that dominates the airwaves today. It is very genuine — especially the humor. Any time you see them laughing on the show, it is not forced, but purely legitimate. For Fredrik, he had to learn how to go with the flow. Bethenny liked to let the show take them where it would, as “truth is stranger than fiction”.

It Almost Failed Due to a Missed E-mail

In the premier of the show, it is made clear that the show nearly fizzled out before it began. Fredrik sent an e-mail about business to Bethenny, and though she attempted to respond it never went through. He got quite confrontational about this when they met for dinner, but Bethenny eventually found the email and showed it to him. Had she not found it, they may have decided against the show at the very last minute. On the plus side, their willingness to insult one another without getting offended shows that they are quite comfortable working together.

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