Five Things You Didn’t Know about Awkwafina

So just for starters, Awkwafina is not a new brand of water that you’ll be seeing on shelves anytime soon, she’s a very talented young woman that’s burst onto the scene and was present for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. So it didn’t garner as much attention as the original Neighbors movie, but it did give her a leg up when it came to getting in the door and getting noticed. As of now her stock is already rising as she begins to take on more and more roles as they come her way.

It only takes one if you do it right.

5. Her real name is Nora Lum.

Obviously Awkwafina isn’t her birth name, but it seems like she needed some way to stand out and this probably had something to do with it. When people see a name they tend to gloss over it unless they happen to know it. But looking at a name like this is bound to get a person some attention even it’s just out of sheer curiosity. So far it’s been working for her and at the moment she’s become one of the up and comers of Hollywood.

4. She learned how to hold a crowd by the time she was 5 years old.

Her mother passed on when she was just 4, so Nora kind of had to cope without the maternal presence in her life and she found an outlet through performing in ways that allowed her to take control of a situation for however brief a period. It’s not every 5 year old that knows how to get people’s attention and hold it. A lot of kids at that age are kind of like dogs in a way, they know they want your attention, but they don’t know how to keep it when they get it.

3. On top of being an actress she’s a rapper.

She’s not limiting herself to just one style of expression. Nora has become a Youtube sensation that has been viewed millions of times and is likely still getting hits even as you’re reading this since she’s been pretty good so far. Whether she’ll take her rap game to a new level is hard to tell since right now her acting career is pretty solid. But at least she has a fun hobby to engage in.

2. Her education has been impressive.

Nora was fortunate enough attend the famed Fiorella H. Laguardia High School, which focuses heavily on the performing arts, and was also learning the trumpet while she was in school. After high school she attended the University of Albany and majored in journalism and women’s studies. And then after that she attended Beijing Language and Culture University in, where else, Beijing, China.

1. She’ll be starring in a couple of movies that will be coming out soon. 

As of now two movies that she’ll be starring in are Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8. But she also has plans to star in a film titled Paradise Hills. She’ll be starring opposite Milla Jovovish and Emma Roberts, so you know she’ll need to bring her A-game.

Otherwise her stock is on the rise.

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