Five Things You Didn’t Know about Anna Sophia Berglund

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Anna Sophia Berglund

Anna Sophia Berglund seems to be the kind of person that doesn’t like to sit still all that often and is so far kind of more comfortable in a supporting role when she’s onscreen but could be moving eventually to a bigger role if she really wants it. Her name hasn’t really grown all that much in terms of movies or TV shows just yet but she’s still relatively young and has plenty of time to make it big. In Hollywood there’s always plenty of time to get famous, so long as one doesn’t waste it.

She’s got the look to be someone big.

5. She’s of Swedish descent.

If the name didn’t give it away then asking her surely would. She’s American through and through but like many people is proud of her heritage just as anyone should be. Be that as it may however she was born and raised in San Pedro, California.

4. She received a degree in Theater from UCLA.

It’d be worth checking to see how many people just lucked out and got into acting versus those that actually went to school and obtained a degree in it. Perhaps the difference has to do with the value of an education from one era to another, but a lot of actors are beginning to become more and more educated as time goes on. It’s kind of evident that those in charge of these films want people that know how to act and are smarter than they look at times.

3. She was Playmate of the month in January of 2011.

She’s obviously not the first woman that’s ever posed nude to go on to acting, but it could be one thing that’s kind of keeping her down. You can argue that such a thing shouldn’t be possible since she was in a rather high class magazine and for all intents and purposes never took her adult career any further, but it’s still something to consider. Once a person has shown enough skin it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination and it’s possible that such a thing could affect their career. It shouldn’t really, but it is possible.

2. She’s into a wide variety of activities.

Anna enjoys a lot of interests from surfing to golf, which means that she has a very wide number of things that she likes to do. It seems that she might not like to sit still all that often, or perhaps she engages in a couple of activities every now and then and takes a breather in between. In any case she’s a busy woman and has a healthy amount of interest in her life that keep her very active and not apt to become that inactive.

1. She’s had guest appearances on a few different shows. 

This is a good way to go about getting her name and face out here, as she’s appeared on Desperate Housewives as a guest star for one. Appearing on shows like this can at least get it through people’s heads that she’s here.

Obviously she’s gotten the attention of some people.

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