Five Things You Didn’t Know About Alexander Polinsky

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Alexander Polinsky

Alexander Polinsky is an actor, a voice actor, and a singer who was born in San Francisco on October 7, 1974. He is best-known for playing Adam Powell in ‘Charles in Charge’ from season 2 in 1987 until the show finished at the end of season 5 in 1990. Following the end of this show, he continued to work as an actor and a voice actor. Polinsky has also acted using the name of Alexander Niver.He now lives in the Burbank neighborhood of Hollywood with his pet dog, a terrier called Tonic. Here are five more things that you probably don’t know about Alexander Polinsky.

1. He Has Accused Scott Baio of Assault

Alexander Polinsky has recently hit the headlines for reasons other than his acting career. He has made a public allegation against Scott Baio, an actor who worked with Polinsky on ‘Charles in Charge’. He made the allegation of sexual misconduct in a detailed account during a news conference. He claims that this was not an isolated incident and that the sexual misconduct, including inappropriate touching, went on from when he was 12 until he was 15 years of age. He is not alone in making such allegations as his former co-star Nicole Eggart has also made sexual assault allegations. She claims that Baio was involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with her when she was a minor. A spokesperson for Baio says that the actor denies all the allegations made against him.

2. He Has Had Two Film Roles

During his career, Alexandra Polinsky has had roles in two films. The first was in the direct-to-video film ‘Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings’. This was a 1994 sequel to ‘Pumpkinhead’. It was directed by Jeff Burr and co-written by Constantine Chachornia and Ivan Chachornia. Polinsky played the role of Paul. He then portrayed Private Steven Gould in the 2003 war drama film ‘Saints and Soldiers’, which was directed by Ryan Little and also starred Corbin Allred, Kirby Heyborne, Lawrence Bagby, and Peter Asle Holden.

3. He is Also a Movie-Props Creator

When he worked on ‘Charles in Charge’, he was the youngest actor on the set. He was often bored between takes and developed a passion for arts and crafts to fill his time. This led to him finding work as a movie-props creator who also makes collectible replicas in addition to his acting work.

4. He Has Been a Wedding Officiant

On October 2, 2004, Alexander Polinsky was the wedding officiant at the marriage of Jason and Christy Marsden. Jason Marsden is an actor and voice actor who is best-known for his voice roles in animated films and television series. Christy Marsden is an actress and producer who is best-known for her role in ‘The Greatest Short Film Ever!!!’

5. He Has Provided Voices for Seven Video Games

Throughout his career, Polinsky has become known for providing voices for animated television series. However, he has also provided voices for seven video games. These have included ’24: The Game’, ‘Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard’, ‘Guild Wars 2′, ‘King’s Quest’, ‘Law & Order: Justice Is Served’, ‘Pimp My Ride’, and ‘X-Men: Destiny’.

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