Five Things You Didn’t Know about Adam Venit

There isn’t a lot about Adam Venit that isn’t negative at the moment since he is at this time being accused of sexual harassment charges. His is just one more name in growing list of individuals that seems to be getting ferreted out since the issue with Harvey Weinstein was finally outed to the press. Why high-powered executives find it necessary to act in this manner is surprising but the fact that they think they can get away with it is even more so. The type of power these people have seems to go to their head more often than not as they seem to think that there will be no repercussions for their actions.

That doesn’t seem to be the case any more, thankfully.

5. He’s currently on leave from his position due to sexual harassment charges.

At this time Venit has been placed on leave but not charged as the agency he works for and in a sense helps run is keeping him at a distance until the truth of the matter can be sorted out. It doesn’t appear that anyone is really looking that hard at whether or not he’s innocent or guilty, but are instead just keeping him at a healthy distance until someone says ‘all clear’. That does sound cynical but it could be why nothing has happened yet.

4. He’s the head of William Morris Endeavor’s motion picture group.

Venit is one of the men that is responsible for the actors that work with his agency and as a result has a direct line to a lot of famous names and is constantly on hand at award shows and other events where he gets to mingle with the stars. Unfortunately if the stories are correct this means that he seems to think that he has a free ride to do anything he pleases.

3. Venit represents some very influential actors.

He represents the likes of Emma Stone, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and several others. None of them has ever reported him being inappropriate it would seem since not a one of them has come forward. But then again this is Hollywood and anything that might make anyone look bad tends to get swept under the rug unless it’s too horrible or too public to hide.

2. Apparently he offered and apology for what he did.

The person he groped, actor Terry Crews, came forward to admit that the act happened and that Venit apologized in a very offhanded way. It was an apology made over the phone and was never accompanied by an explanation of why Venit did or what his motivation was.  That alone kind of makes the apology worthless and even a little insulting.

1. The groping was done about a year ago.

Crews was attending an award show with his wife when Venit allegedly approached them and immediately groped Crews. His response was to pull away and ask Venit just what he was doing, but Venit apparently laughed it off. Understandably Crews wanted to knock Venit down right then and there, but restrained himself and let it pass.

At the risk of sounding mean, if any of this is true then Venit needs to be charged for what he did.

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